Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Nikki!

I can't believe my baby is one. This year has been CrAzY, but fun. The first few months of her life I didn't know if I would survive or not. It was a little rough but since then she has been nothing but a peach. She really only cries if she is tired, hungry or is being beaten up by her sisters! :) Morgan and Whitney love her to pieces and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. She gets so excited to see them in the morning and screams at me when she wants to be doing what they are doing. Yes. She is a screamer, I am a little worried, any advice on this would be much appreciated. This little girl definitely seems to know what she wants.

She can say mama, dada, uh oh, and baby. I swear the other day she said bye Dad. She has been waving and clapping for about six months. She loves to blow kisses and give kisses, my personal favorite. :) She only started crawling since the beginning of July. She isn't walking yet but she walks along furniture and goes from squatting to standing. She likes this trick so much that she tries to do it in the shopping cart, all the time. It is super frustrating. Even when I have her buckled in she does it, the little stinker. I don't want her to fall out and break her neck!

She has no teeth yet but I can see two trying to poke through. She loves baths and yells at me when I take her out. She doesn't like getting dressed, and doesn't like getting her diaper changed she tries to roll and get away from me, none of my other kids have done this, it is super annoying!

She is such a fun baby and we are so grateful to have her in our little family! We love Love LOVE you Nicole!

One year stats:
      Height - 2'4" - 17.6%
      Weight - 15 lb 15.5 oz - .47%
      Head - 16.61" - 1.07% 

She wasn't sure what to expect.

Excited for the party.

Ice cream cake...mmmm
Uncle Benson and Baby Tanner helping us celebrate.
Aunt 'Tia' and Dallin ready for the party!
Jeff having balloon wars with Peyton

Not sure what is going on.

She seemed to like the birthday song

Daddy trying to help her blow out the candle.

She was not a fan.  Daddy tried to get her to eat the cupcake.  I think she was overwhelmed with all the attention.

Get me OUT of here!

She seemed to like the presents a little better.
Are they going to make me eat this too???

Yay!  We finally got a smile!

After a while we were able to get her to calm down and try a cupcake.  She had no intention of eating it just tearing it apart.

Grandma and Grandpa Sucher called to sing her happy birthday, I think she liked it.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


The Voss family said...

She is so tiny! Braden was even alot bigger at 1 than she is! She is so cute though!

Brigg and Dianne said...

Wow! She's already a year?! That flew by! What cute cupcakes, and what a doll she is!

Christina said...

Thanks for the party! It's so fun to be close enough to celebrate together! She is a beautiful, tiny one year old!!

Nick and Brent said...

I love her little curls, and that she hated cake! Too funny, she's a cutie!