Sunday, September 4, 2011

So, we moved.

We moved.  It was super quick.  It was super crazy.  I don't think I want to move ever again. Ever. :) We knew we were not in Puyallup forever and that it would be a temporary thing but I thought we would at least be there through the summer. One day I was at Salvation Army grabbing some books (they were having a killer sale, I think it was like six for a dollar!) Anyway, I grabbed a 18...but it didn't matter because I was just going to read them and send them back. Right before I was checking out Jeff called and said someone offered to buy our office in Washington and we will probably move back to week. Um, ok. So I checked out, went home, and put those books right in a box.  Nice. 

It was a crazy week, we weren't sure if the sale would go through or not so we didn't want to tell a lot of people just in case things didn't go through. That was rough not telling friends about it. But, the move was just kind of like ripping a band aid off. Quick and relatively painless. There isn't a lot we miss except for friends, our neighborhood, and a few stores. Beside that we were pretty excited to be coming back to Denver. It was a great experience and I thought Washington was beautiful and there seemed to be fun stuff to do but it was always rainy and gray...ALWAYS gray.

So now we are back in Denver and are enjoying our SUNSHINE. :) We moved to a new area than we were in before. I like the town the and neighbor hood is fine. (minus a few doorbell ditchers one who left a bad of dog poo...gross, at least it wasn't on fire right?)  I just wish we had our Washington neighborhood, it was perfect. We just haven't connected with anyone yet and Morgan is in need of play dates...lots of play dates.   But we are so grateful to see the sun again!

Our next door neighbors and the only little boy (the girls age) on the street.

My sweet neighbor Maria

Us and our girls

I can't believe I didn't grab more photos of all our fun friends and neighbors but I guess that is what you get when you only have a week to pack and get everything taken care of.  :)  But again, what a great experience and fun times, but we are grateful to see the sun again!


Heather Alcantara said...

Okay you must tell me where you guys are!!! I am totally excited you are back and would love a play date! Email me at