Saturday, August 30, 2008

The results are in...

and we are having a GIRL!!! We were both a little surprised, but we are excited. It will be nice for Morgan to have a little buddy. Plus we can reuse all her things, that is one less stress I have to worry about! We don't have any ideas on names yet, well, let me rephrase that. We each have ideas on names, but none we really agree on. SOOO, feel free to leave a comment ANY time during the next few month of any good names you come across. Keep in mind that we have a last name that is difficult to pronounce properly so it needs to be something a little normal. :) I will keep asking for name ideas until we get one we both agree on!

Princess party

I forgot to say that when we were in Utah for Jeff's family reunion Jeff's Aunt Melissa threw a princess party for us and all the little nieces and nephews. It was SOOOO fun! I think the big girls had just as much if not more fun than the little ones!!! Melissa is so creative it kills me! She is so smart, she bought her little girl a bunch of princess dresses (after Halloween when they go on clearance) for her birthday. What a great idea! Anyway, so whenever her friends or other cousins get together they all have a dress they can play with. Genius! One day I hope I can be more like Melissa, seriously she is a domestic diva!!! Here are the pictures I swiped from my sister-in-laws blog because of course I forgot my camera. :(
* after we were done with our treats Melissa showed us how to make little girls bows, they were so cute! She could make flowers, fishys, and even a princess out of a bow. I WISH I had my camera!

Poor Brent, being the only nephew on the Sucher side he had to be our prince. I don't think it bothered him to much. :)

The little girls at their special table with flowers, tablecloth, and their own little tea sets with pink milk and everything. TOO CUTE!!!

Cute Morgan in her pretty princess dress...just in case you didn't know this is Belle's Christmas dress. :) It was too cute!!!

Aunt Melissa and the cute food she had for us. There were even cucumber sandwich's with the crust cut off!!!

Jeff's sister Jen showing off her proper tea drinking skills.

Jeff's younger sister Shelly doing a cute pose. :)

Jeff's baby sister Steph showing off her tea hat.

Always keep your pinky up!

* Ok so after we had this party I was determined to find princess dresses for Morgan for Christmas. I was looking on craigslist last week and a lady had posted six princess dresses that she had from her preschool. They did a princess and pirate week so these things were barely used. I went and picked them up and while I was there this lady said that she could only get six dresses in the pictures but there ended up being I think nine princess dresses, plus all their shoes, plus all their 'accessories' for $40!!! I was so excited!!! I hope Morgan will like them as much as I do! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wirig family reunion

Two weeks after my family reunion we had a Wirig family reunion. The Wirig's are my Mother-in-laws side of the family. This was the first vacation Jeff and I have had together since being in Colorado. It was a welcome break!

Morgan and I drove over to Utah on Saturday, she did great we jimmy-rigged our dvd player so she could watch it and I listed to Twilight on CD. She watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ALL THE WAY THERE! I couldn't believe it, no complaining until I turned it off when we made pit stops! She didn't even take a nap. I feel kind of bad, but it was so nice at the same time.

While I was there without Jeff I went and visited friends and old co-workers. It was so nice to be back, but we still missed so many friends (a special shout out to Mike and Emma who we stood up and were never able to see!!! We still love you guys and hope you don't hate us!!! We feel AWFUL!)

Jeff came in Wednesday after noon and we visited his old office and had a get together with the Sucher side of the family playing games and eating dinner. It was so fun to see all the Suchers who could come!

Then the Wirig reunion started. It was so well planned (a special thanks to Danielle for organizing everything, good work!) There was good food, snow cones, cotton candy, horse rides, dodge ball, fun kids games, family reunion t-shirts (I haven't ever been to a reunion with shirts before!), girls day/boys day, talent show, swimming, a giant blow up slide, a special tribute to Grandma and Grandpa, and a special testimony meeting to close the week on Sunday. Good times were had by all.

Having two family reunions so close together definitely made me so grateful for the two wonderful families that I get to be a part of.

Here are some pictures, and I don't know how to put them in order so here you go:

Jeff's aunt had this little suit that she let Morgan try...I don't think she liked it much but I thought it was sure cute!

Here are the five pregnant ladies that were at the reunion. I think it ranged from like 37 weeks to 8 weeks! It will be so fun to have so many new babies!

Here is the whole gang. Well we are missing a few families but these are all the people who were able to make it, quite the group eh?

There were just too many cute pictures of Morgan to choose from!

Morgan was so excited about the horses but she was pretty nervous once she got on it!

Here she is trying to sneak a drink.

Morgan LOVED LOVED LOVED the giant slide. After she could do it all by herself she was on there for probably an hour and a half to two hours.

Morgan loves snow cones as much as mommy does!

She doesn't love cotton candy as much as mommy does though. I gave her some and she just looked at me like I was crazy.

This was a picture from out girls day. So fun!

This was Grandmas birthday party. Since then Morgan has been obsessed with singing the happy birthday song.

Morgan and Grandma enjoying a cupcake.

Morgan and Daddy having fun together.

Well, I think that sums it up! What a fun trip! I can't wait to go back and visit!

Smith family reunion

Well, I have searched my house and can't find my camera that I took to Idaho with me for my Smith family reunion, so this post will just have to do without pictures. I figure it is better to write it down than nothing at all right?

For the reunion, it was just my siblings and their families. We were only missing two people: Jeff and my brother-in-law. This was the first time we had ALL been together for a long time, so I think good times were had by all. We mostly just hung out and enjoyed each others company. There was a float down the river, four wheeling, Bear Gulch, Gringos, wal-mart runs (no super wal-mart in Rexburg...I don't know how they do it!), visiting the BYU-I campus, card games, late night talks, swimming, long drives, popsicles, family pictures, softball games, good food and good times. I think I covered everything!

The only things I think I missed were visiting old friends, snow cones, fongs and Jeff. :) Morgan was not feeling well and I think she started the terrible twos when we were there. I don't ever want to be gone from Jeff that long again! It is so nice to have someone there to help....not that my family wasn't help, but you know what I mean! :)

Anyway, it was a great trip and there is nothing like Sugar City and Rexburg anywhere...I love it. Maybe not to live, but to visit is great!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I am here!

I am here I promise! Between feeling sick and the start of our family reunions I didn't have much of a desire to blog, sorry! I am happy to say that I am now feeling MUCH better!!! (Knock on wood!) I still gag a lot and smells still get to me, but I can handle that. This morning I even woke up with ENERGY! I even cleaned the fridge and mopped the floor, both were MUCH needed! Sad when that seems to be a huge accomplishment! As much as I complain I am really excited....nervous, but really excited! We find out what we are having on the 29th, this pregancy has gone by so fast I can hardly believe I am almost half way! Some strange cravings I have had are:
~ 7 layer bean dip (I had this one with Morgan too)
~ Twinkies
~ Peaches
~ Apples
~ Onion rings
~ Mozzarella sticks
~ BLT's

Pretty healthy huh? :) Such is life. As long as I can keep it down right? Jeff has been great, bringing me mozzarella sticks at 10:30 at night, twinkies when I ask, what could be better?

Morgan is getting bigger and bigger. She knows her alphabet song and can point out most of the letters in the alphabet. She can also count to thirteen! We thought that she could only count to ten, but one day she just kept on going! She has been doing all this for a while now. Although I would like to, I don't think I can take the credit. Between being sick with what we thought was mono and morning sickness there was a lot of Sesame Street going on. But hey, with those results who can complain right?

Well, I just wanted to reassure all of my faithful readers....Nat? haha That we are still alive! I will hopefully post soon of our fun adventures with our family reunions! :)