Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whitney is ONE!

Well this post is a little late...but for documentations sake. Whitney is:

2 ft. 4.5 in long - 29%
16 Ib 3.9 oz - 1%
17.52" head - 32%

So I took her to the doctor again today to check her weight and she had gone up a pound...she is healthy...don't worry this girl eats like a horse (most of the time). :)

She isn't walking yet, she says Dad ALL THE TIME...really? Is that fair, I mean I get it I am a fan of him too but really?!? I am the one at home with her ALL DAY EVERYDAY, is it to much to ask for Mom? :) That is the only word that anyone else would really recognize but she says cheese, please and thanks (sometimes). Mostly she is just going around babbling all day. She loves playing in the bathroom and in the it...not really, how do I get her to stop that? She had eight teeth as of her birthday but now she has ten with two more coming through.

Getting ready to eat some birthday cake!

She was a little confused.

Not to interested...

Still not sure....

What the heck is this???

Yeah, she likes her hands clean when she eats, she would rather be fed with a fork or spoon...silly girl! (In all honesty the cake was really rich and to much frosting...bleh...but the colors were fun!)

She really did like the sherbet (despite the look on her face).

This is one of her new favorite places to hide, it is in under our end table.

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you so so so much!