Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not so exciting life...

Well Jeff keeps harassing me about updating our blog. I just don't feel like many blog worthy things have happened lately. I am sure most of you feel the same way, but looking at your blogs I wouldn't know it! So I thought I would just highlight some things that we have been doing:

* NBA Championship games...this took up quite a few of our evenings. Although, usually I don't get super excited about these things, Jeff earlier this year said he was going to be a bandwagon Celtics fan so it was fun to see that they won this year! The games were actually pretty fun to watch....for the most part. I think the funnest part it just watching Jeff enjoy it so much.

* OH! I quit my newspaper job! This actually happened when I got sick but it has been so nice to sleep through the night! Yay for eight hours of rest! While this was a happy day, I am so glad I did it. What a good learning experience. It just makes you grateful for what I have. Most of those people really needed that job, while I was just trying to stock our bank account a little more. I am SOOOO grateful I have a good husband who supports us and leaves us needing nothing. We are VERY blessed. Thanks for all your hard work Jeff!

* Watching Tiger Woods play in the the U.S. Open. Not that we always sit and watch golf, (the Masters somehow has made its way into a Sucher family tradition) but for those of you that missed it, it was pretty darn amazing. I think he must have some sort of super powerful magnet that sits in all the hole's and in his golf ball because how in the world can you be THAT good?

* We went to our friends kids first birthday party, it was so fun they had a pool party and it was a perfect day, thanks for the fun guys!

Morgan enjoyed her cupcake. MMMM Good job Meggin!

Ty and Kenzie the birthday kids, I love the concerned look Kenzie has on her face.

Well, we have done a few other things and I have pictures but for some reason I can't get them on the computer. So until Jeff gets home and can help me this is all you get! :) I do have a shout out for Jeff:

For those of you who don't have kids yet it is pretty darn amazing to watch your sweetheart turn into a daddy. Jeff has been the best Dad in the world for Morgan. Some of the things that he does I never would have imagined! :) Morgan loves him so much, every time he comes home she looks at me then starts yelling, DADDY DADDY!!! Then she runs to the door to Jeff. It is SO cute! She is definitely his baby. She loves watching long as dad is there. She even likes all the food the Jeff likes from condiments to Jambalaya (this was tested out tonight and she LOVED IT!) It is pretty amazing how similar they are. :) Happy be-lated Fathers Day Jeff! We love you!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, I haven't blogged for a long time. I was sick for the last THREE weeks! It was the worst cold I have ever had. The first week I had a sinus cold. I don't think that I have ever had one before, it was MISERABLE! Knock on wood I don't EVER EVER get one of those again, that was about Monday thru Saturday. By Sunday I was feeling quite a bit better, then came Monday. I woke up Monday and had a bad sore throat but I just kept telling myself it was just drainage from my cold. Finally but Wednesday I broke down and went to the doctor. By this point I could barely eat and I had NO energy. The doctor looked at my throat and said, "OH! That is DEFINITELY strep. That is a classic case of strep, but probably the worst I have ever seen!" At this point I am just so excited to get my antibiotics and get over it. Then the test results came back negative! He was shocked and I was disappointed. I ended up having some work done to check for mono and tonsillitis. These tests take up to a week to get the results! In the mean time they give me this mouth wash that is supposed to numb your throat, it is called rocky mountain mouthwash....what a joke. It tasted like gargling robutussin, awful! This was all before Memorial Day Weekend, so I knew I wouldn't hear back for a while.

Jeff, being the great husband he is, went and got me some magic medicine! haha, Ok, well, it might not be magic but it sure did work wonders. It is Tylenol Severe Congestion, you have to get it through your pharmacist. Anyway, to make a long story that really isn't that interesting short. The medicine worked wonders, I finally heard from the doctors office and they said it wasn't mono OR tonsillitis and in fact I have apparently already had mono! haha Who knew? All in all it has been a pretty awful couple of weeks. I being sick. I am happy to report that my leftover cold is finally leaving a couple of rolls of toilet paper later! :)

During it all we did get to see Jeff's cute sister Jen and her family! This was exciting since we haven't seen all of them since I think Christmas '06. They stopped by on their way to and from Utah. Thanks for visiting guys!!!

Well, sorry for the long random post full of complaints, but that is where I have been and hopefully it doesn't happen again! :)