Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture Update

Slobbery princess in training.

Guess what we made? Homemade, from scratch St. Louis style toasted ravioli! That's right. Jeff saw Chef Robert Irvine make some on the food network. Robert said it was a fast easy ravioli. Robert was wrong. It took probably a good two hours. I think if we used a different dough recipe it COULD be quick(er) and easier. It probably would have helped if we had a pasta maker. BUT they turned out ok. I give them a 6.5 out of 10. We MAY try again with a different dough recipe one day.

In the making. Can you believe we didn't get a picture of the final product?!

Sunday picture (sometime in April? Maybe I should have them hold up the date?)

My sis-in-law and her mom made these awesome hair wraps and I was planning on making some of my own until I saw these in the dollar spot at Target...ON CLEARANCE!
(My girls love to wrestle, is that normal?)

That's better. :)

Cutie pie.

Morgan has been into making funny faces lately and into my make-up, obviously.

We have been collecting VHS movies lately, the girls think it is great (I can't believe we had to wait so long for a video to rewind!)


Sunday picture, again with the faces.

Morgan started preschool (I know a little late, but better late than never right?)

Whitney wanted in on the action.


Sunday picture (April 17th)

April (and September, October, November, December, January, February, and March) showers bring May sunshine? They better anyway, I don't know how much longer I can handle these gray skies! :)

First taste of a ritz cracker, I would say it was a success!

Our friend brought over some doughnuts for us for Easter. I think Whitney enjoyed it a little.

Whitney is very good about sharing with her little sister. I came into the kitchen and found three pieces of bread she had given Nicole. Nice.

Morgan also likes to share. She is likes putting these stickers on her ears as earrings and thought Nikki should have some.

Whitney also enjoys making a face or two. :)

This weekend we went up north to Jeff's sisters house. While Jeff and her husband were doing this....

We were doing this. They had a joint birthday party for their boys. It was a Peter Pan theme and it was so cute. She is so creative.

Peter Pan


The other birthday boy.

Princess Tiger Lilly (aka, the creative mom)

Captain Hook (aka, the willing Dad)

Enjoying her kiwi flavored frosting!

Tinkerbell, Morgan thought that this was the most beautiful outfit ever...

Reading her treasure map.

Following Hook, trying to find the treasure.

Sunday picture - May 1st

Morgan came out the other day in this outfit. Can you guess what it is? It was Whitney's blessing dress!!! I couldn't stop laughing. Silly girl.

The sun has finally showed it's face a few times this last week and we have tried to enjoy every minute. This is Morgan holding a slug! I never thought that she would do that since she is so girly but it doesn't phase her at all. Me? NO WAY! Yuck!

Throwing rocks into the pond.

Sweet patient girl. :)

She is learning how to clap and how to wave, it has been fun to watch.


Morgan and I had a chance to go out on a mommy - daughter date a month or two ago to the play Cinderella. We met up with a few of our friends, we had such a fun time. Morgan enjoyed it for the most got a little long and it wasn't the same story as the movie so I think she was a little confused. Afterwords we were able to take pictures with the cast and they were very sweet.

Morgan and all the princesses.

Morgan and Mommy.

The stepsisters, stepmother and fairy godmother.

The prince helping Morgan with her shoe, this was not staged! I thought it was pretty funny.

The prince and Cinderella with all the princesses.

Another Sunday picture. :) Whitney isn't a fan of the Sunday picture...yet.