Sunday, June 3, 2012


So, by now everyone probably knows I am pregnant.  :)  We are super excited to be welcoming a baby boy to our family in the end of September, but I would be lying if I didn't say I am TERRIFIED.  Terrified of having a boy, terrified of having four kiddos...terrified.  :)  Sometimes the only thing that gets me through is knowing without a doubt that this little guy was supposed to be here, now. 

This pregnancy has been awesome, well awesomely awful.  BLAH.  With the girls I would puke and go back to work and be just fine (well, ok).  With this one, not so much.  I would puke and I would be out of commission the rest of the day.  I think my record for throwing up was seven times, after that I knew I had to do something.  Thank goodness for Zofran!  That stuff is a miracle drug.  I was finally able to stop taking it a few weeks ago (I am 24 weeks tomorrow).  So I am finally feeling better, there are still some rough days but MUCH better. 

Jeff has been a peach about the whole nasty house, no dinner, crazy children thing.  He took good care of us when he was home from work.  I think he is glad I am feeling better though.  He is INCREDIBLY excited about a boy.  At this point I think he has bought more stuff for this little guy than I have. 

I was pretty convinced that this little bean was a girl.  So when the day came for our ultrasound I was really nervous that it would be another girl (not that we don't LOVE our girls) but if this is the last kid I wanted to know what it was like to raise a boy too.  ANYWAY, so Jeff and I waited and waited and my bladder was about to burst and they finally called us in.  We went in a little anxious and she checked out to make sure everything was ok and right after that she scanned to see what we were having and she said it was a boy!  Jeff and I just looked at each other and cherred for joy and shed a few tears.  :)  I made her check...and recheck....and recheck that it was a boy. 

After all is said and done, even with all the nasty that comes with being pregnant I just can't believe how blessed we are.  When we were trying to get pregnant with Morgan it just wasn't happening and I was starting to wonder if it ever would happen until I had a great doctor that put us on Clomid, and that is all it took.  And here we are popping number four out in a six year span.  I feel so blessed that we get to bring these little spirits into our home.  Most days I can't believe Heavenly Father would trust us to do this important job but I am so grateful. 

So here we go, bring on monster trucks, baseballs, legos, blue and whatever else boys like!