Monday, September 5, 2011


We took a quick trip to Utah to spend some time with Jeff's family last weekend. We squished a lot into two days, next time I hope we have a few more days to do some things and see some more people.

We went to the BYU bookstore, Jeff went four wheeling, I went to see my sister, I also went to see the new Provo Beach Resort. That was neat, they had a ropes course, bowling, croquet, golf, SURFING, arcade games, and a kids play area. We only did the kids play area but I want to try to surf next time. We had a big family fiesta with all the Sucher family that is in Utah. It was so fun to see everyone, I LOVE Jeff's family! Later that night Jeff's sister and her husband and I went to The Help. I was so excited I had read the book about a year ago and they did a great job with it I thought, I may be adding that to our collection!

The next day we went to Deer Creek reservoir and went tubing and had a picnic with some of Jeff's family. After that we went back to his uncles house and got ready to go to Tucano's! We hadn't been for a long time I LOVE their pineapple and the buffet was great, but I don't think I need to go again. :) We then went back to his uncle's house to play games and talk.

We headed home the next morning and Jeff had to stop in and check on some the places they take care of so that ended up taking a couple extra hours. After that was over we headed home again and we heard a funny noise. Our tailpipe had fallen off. Awesome. After a while we got it jimmy rigged back on and made it home safely, thank goodness.

It was a great weekend I just wish we could have done everything and seen everyone we wanted to, but it is so nice not being so far from family that we can make it over more often! I just wish I would have unpacked my camera!!!