Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Our Christmas was great this year. We had it at our house and Jeff's parents came. It was a quick trip which is sad but we are just glad we had family! We had lots of fun, food, games!

Jeff's Grandma started a tradition of making everyone's stockings and that tradition has carried down. So this year I finally got my act together and made these. When I say 'made' all I did was add the fabric on the top and the felt characters. I bought the stockings at a Pottery Barn outlet in Utah for fifty cents and had to cover the tops because they were embroidered.

I think I may add some stick arms...maybe next year.

Our ward party brings Santa Clause and he is amazing! I love the look on Whitney's face!

We saw Santa again at the library with our cousins, so fun!

Whitney playing with some Christmas presents.

Jeff loving his new pajamas. :) I saw these and HAD to get them for him, I mean come on he looks good! :)

Jeff got a 'free' I-touch when he got his Mac for school. At first I told him to sell it I won't use it because well, I am usually listening to my kids not the radio. :) BUT this last year it has come in VERY handy. Plug in those headphones and Morgan will sit and watch a movie anywhere! LOVE IT! :) We take it to church and it helps us get through Sacrament (she plays games during church she isn't watching movies!) This is her sporting one of her new princess dresses she got for Christmas...she wears it everyday and swaps it out with other dresses...multiple time a day.

I know I am prejudiced but these girls are just cute!

Christmas dresses...

Jeff was in charge of his Christmas work party and we did a white elephant and his poor secretary got a pretty 'awesome' gift. She was trying to bribe someone into swapping gifts with her. Smart lady.

Best Christmas gifts I could ever ask for. :)

She is getting to big to fast. :(

Enjoying some chicken nuggets.

We went bowling a week or two ago and Morgan really enjoyed it. She kicked my bum.

I don't know what it is but I feel like every time there is a treat in our living room Whitney finds it. This time it was fudge that was SO good (thanks Mel!) Oh well, I guess this way I didn't eat it all!

She found some more treats...seriously this girl!

Last but not least this guy. :) I don't think I ever posted this picture at Halloween. Who couldn't love this face! He really is such a wonderful Husband and Dad and Friend. Just thought I would remind him how much I love him and am so grateful he is stuck with me for eternity! :) Love you!

We really had a great Christmas and so far we are off to a great new year!