Monday, October 17, 2011


We finally got Morgan in preschool the last couple of months we were in Washington. Her teacher was awesome the school was wonderful. I wish I could transport it here. While she was there she did a Mother's Day Program, talk about melt your heart. I loved it! I can't wait for more programs, they are so dang cute! I am sure they will get old one day...maybe but I loved watching her. (sorry for sideways pictures I forgot to rotate them)

We also had our friend start teaching her piano for a month or two before she left. It was so cute. It didn't hurt that my friend was SUCH a fun teacher. She but on a little show and share day with some other kids on the street, it was cute to see all the kids preform. I was so impressed with Morgan, she went up there and followed all the instructions and even wanted to play two songs...we only practiced one!  I was surprised she remembered everything. She did great and I can't wait to get her started on lessons here!