Monday, July 9, 2012


I am one lucky girl.  :)  Before kids Jeff and I were very spontaneous and would just take off for the weekend to southern Utah, California, Idaho...where ever floated our boat at the time.  Since we have started cranking out kids we have still been spontaneous...just not as much.  BUT, I got a phone call from Jeff one day late February saying, "we are going to New York next week ok?"  Um, ok?  We had some frequent flyer tickets and Jeff had arranged for my Brother and Sister - in -Law to watch the kiddos.  Seriously, all I had to do was pack, it was so nice! :)  I was a little worried because I was super sick with the pregnancy and had just started my medicine and it was working ok, I was still throwing up and had no energy but NYC is one of my FAVORITE places in the world (so far! :) ) So, I was just going to suck it up.  My girls were super excited because since living here in Denver we have been able to get super close to my Brother and his family.  We could have left for a month and I don't think the kids would have noticed.  :) 

We have been to NYC once before with our super great cousins/friends and both of us before we were married had been.  I don't know what it is about the city it is just amazing to me that so many people live in one spot and there are enough jobs and nothing ever stops.  I love it.

Here are some highlights:

~  Hotel a block away from Times Square (I was watching Project Runway after we got back and they used the same hotel!  I thought that was cool.)
~  No morning sickness on our trip
~  Wicked.....AMAZING
~  Lots of New York food
~  MAC store on 5th Ave
~  MAC store at Grand Central Station
~  Swatch watch store 5th Ave
~  Lets be honest, all of 5th Ave
~  Dinner with Jeff's mission buddy and his wife at a fun Cuban restaurant on Houston Street. 
~  Sleeping in
~  Wall Street
~  Canal Street
~  FAO Schwartz
~  New purses
~  New watch
~  Getting lost on our way to Battery Park...we never made it.  It was a beautiful walk though.  :)
~  Awesome comedy show, yeah...note the sarcasm
~  Finally found a great slice of NYC pizza
~  Rockefeller Center
~  Candy store on Canal street
~  Caught in the early March, it was cold those 6+ block we had to walk
~  New York City Public Library - Jeff really liked this, maybe because it was the first library he has been in since college ;)  Maybe it was because of Ghost Busters.  Either way it really was awesome.  I just wish my feet weren't hurting so bad.  Note to self:  next time just wear my flip flops...WAYYYY better than tennis shoes.  :)
~  Spending time alone with Jeff for longer than a couple of hours.  We have been so spoiled the last two years being able to get away with just us.  It is really hard for me to leave my kiddos and put that responsibility on someone else, but if you can you NEED to do it.  It is nice to remember that before kids and real life it was just the two of you and how much you really like each other!  :) 

Here are some pictures, they are in no particular order:

 Super hot I know.

 The building where the World Trade Centers used to be.

 Jeff on Wall Street

 Jeff trying to sweet talk the security to let him on the trading floor.

 Giant toys at FAO Schwartz, these things are life size.

 Some sort of Nintendo thing that Jeff was super excited about.  :)

 The candy isle...mmmmm

 One of Jeff's favorite stores.  It is a pretty cool building.

 I think this was a Hollister store.  The store front was made up of a bunch of flat screens, it was pretty cool.


 Jeff is a huge watch lover and I guess Swatch was cool in the 80's and is coming back so we stopped at a number of different Swatch stores...Ironically I am the one who found a watch I loved, just not the price I loved.  :)

 Hershey's store on Times Square.  The outside of the building was much cooler than the inside.

 We were hoping to make a taping of the Late Show but we didn't make it, we were super surprised to see Jeff's favorite restaurant from St. Louis right next door though!

 We were there right during all the Jeremy Lin craziness, his stuff was everywhere!

 This is definitely a Yankees bad...

 The "Ghost Busters Library"

 Seriously the library was incredible.  It was gorgeous inside and out.  

 We went into this random suit shop and apparently tons of different athletes go there on a regular basis.  Which was weird because it really was just a hole in the wall.  All the walls were covered in signed sports paraphernalia.

 Grand Central Station.

The Mac Store in Grand Central Station was HUGE it spanned the entire size of the building.

 Rockefeller Center

We asked this foreign family to take our picture and after about ten minutes this was the best we got.

We were going to go skating but it was going to be like $60 for an hour or something crazy.  Which was ok by me because I don't think my feet have ever hurt so bad in my life.

This game boy went through the Gulf War and still works!

I think this was some sort of Nintendo hand that is rare.  All I know is Jeff thought it was pretty cool.

(Note to self:  Next time take more pictures with us in them!)

And there you go.  Our trip to New York four months later.  We had a great time, but this time I actually came back home and was glad I didn't live there.  :) Thanks Babe for putting this all together for us!