Thursday, December 27, 2012

Phone pics #3

Forget the fork, I turned away from my piece of pie and found this little stinker enjoying it. 

Some sweet friends of mine threw me a sports themed baby shower.  They are amazing, sweet friends, good food, fun times!

One of the party planners

We went to Breckenridge with my brother and his family.  Morgan and Peyton are still best of friends even five years later.  LOVE this picture!

She was so proud of herself and asked me to take a picture.

So of course Morgan wanted a picture

We have a biter.  This is just one of the MANY instances we had.  I am hoping we are finally past that stage.

Cousins.  :)

Sisters, sisters....

Jeff loves Cholula chili garlic flavor and we couldn't find it anywhere so he just ordered himself a box.  :)

Nikki's birthday.

The girls helped me decorate her cupcakes.

Since Morgan is gone half the day these two are finally starting to bond more.  It used to be that it was just Whitney and Morgan.  I am so glad they are enjoying each other more....most of the time.

Silly girl was sucking on a bottle and got herself a nice little hickey.  :)  It was kind of funny.

I crocheted my first blanket...I don't know if I will do it again, it took forever.

I went in planning on getting Morgan a little trim, and my pregnant self went a little crazy and...

ten inches later and a donation to Locks of Love.  I still have mixed emotions about it.  It has saved me though with a newborn and trying to get her off to school on time in the mornings.  It is a lot healthier but I think we will keep growing it back out.

38 weeks.  A self portrait is really really awkward.  I don't have many pregnant pictures and I don't know if I can talk myself into doing this any more so I thought I better capture it one more time.

I walked into the kitchen to see these two just looking out the window.  I think they were watching a bunny.

Watching Youtube with Daddy.  I think it was a knock of of call me maybe with cookie monster.  Pretty cute.

First time in the car with FOUR!!!

Welcome home baby Jackson!

Jeff's work sent me this pretty arrangement.

A week after I had Jackson Morgan had a class party thing where they showed us what they were learning and what they do everyday.  It was really cute.

Grandma helping with Jackson.  It was SO nice to have her here.

haha  I am sure this will come in useful one day.

We have a boy!  lol 

I was downstairs and couldn't hear my girls so I went to find them and saw them all playing with the ipad.

My baby girl isn't so much a baby anymore.  :(

We have a lot of these moments with this one.

Morgan's birthday cake.  It was so yummy!

Whitney put on "makeup" and "fingernail polish"

Nikki did too.

One of his first smiles

She LOVES getting her picture taken.

Seriously she is just as messy an eater as Nikki.

My friends gave me these ADORABLE onsies for each month.  Here he is at one month.

Trying to keep them happy

This girl CAN NOT get enough of Jackson.  I have to remind her constantly to give him space.

This was Halloween and the girls were getting ready for our party.

It is so hard to get a picture of them all looking, thank goodness we don't use film anymore.

But it's kind of fun to go through all the pictures you took to get one where they were all looking.  :)


I had such high hopes...I still can't talk about it.

Daddy was out of town so we had a movie night with pizza and Halloween candy and Princess and the Popstar.

First time wearing shoes and not just ANY shoes...

His first pair of Nike's given to us by some good friends.


The end...from that phone anyway.  :)