Monday, September 14, 2009

The best day EVER!

We have been busy lately but the most exciting thing that we have been doing is playing in DISNEY LAND! :) Jeff and I were going to go on a cruise or do something a little more adult but nothing ever seemed to work out. So we found ourselves booking a trip to Disneyland. It. Was. So. Worth. It!!! Not that is wasn't a lot of work, but we had a great time!

We left on the second at 5:00 a.m., I was a little worried how the girls would react to that so I had put them to bed at 6:00 p.m. and they were champs!

We got to the Orange County airport and got our rental car and headed straight for Disney to meet our good friends (and cousins)...(thank you guys SOOOO much for 1. letting us bum in on your trip, and 2. for the GREAT discounts!) We spent three days in was in the 90's those three days and humid! BLAH, we were all a sweaty mess. We were able to see all the princesses and a lot of the other characters. We went to the Aladdin show which was AWESOME and we saw the Playhouse Disney show. I think that was where we knew we had made the right decision by going on this trip. Morgan was dancing and singing and loving every minute of the show. I think everything was so magical for her! We couldn't decide what we would get her from Disneyland, if anything at all. But we found seven little princess figurines and she held on to the box of them the entire last day. (we wouldn't let her open it until we were in the car, we are mean, I know. :) ) The last day after we got in the car she said "this was the BEST DAY EVER!" SO cute! (these pictures are not in order and I was to lazy to fix them! :) )

Us on the rocket ride in California Adventure.

All of us at the front of Disney!

Daddy and Morgan on Dumbo!

I love the look on Morgan's face, this is during the first parade we saw. All the characters were in it, she loved it!

Getting ready to watch A Bug's Life in 4D...Morgan DID NOT LIKE IT!

Morgan meeting Ariel. She went right up to her and held her hands and just started talking.

Whitney was so happy the whole time. Sweet girl.

Our little family at Disneyland. :)

Meeting Snow White.

The first parade we saw had all the characters and Morgan was loving it.

Morgan before the Bugs Life ride...little did she know. :)

Morgan driving her little race car. Jeff said she loved it, like father like daughter.

On our way to the park on the tram our first day.

Morgan on our way home :) Yes, this picture will be used as blackmail! :)

"Where all your dreams come true!" :) Morgan was so excited...I think maybe I was a little more excited for her to meet Cinderella!

It was so nice, the first day we walked in and there was Mickey and Goofy and a tiny line! Perfect timing!!!

While we were there we stayed with Jeff's Aunt Lisa and Uncle Vaughn - they were in Texas watching the BYU game, I think Jeff was a little jealous! :) (Thanks guys for letting us stay at your house!) We took one of their girls with us one day and I think we wore her out because she was to tired to come the next day!

On Saturday we went to Sea World with our same friends of some of our other great friends, Danny and Erin, who used to live in Utah. It was fun but we were SO TIRED that we left after only half a day. Morgan just kept asking to go home! haha So we went to Danny and Erin's house and Jeff and Danny dropped us off as fast as they could and went to start watching the BYU game (via Tivo :) ). Erin and I hung out with the kids (I got to meet their new son for the first time! He is 1 1/2 and ADORABLE and I COMPLETELY forgot to take pictures of all of us!) It was so much fun to catch up.

We went to church with them the next day and ate a delicious dinner and played CANASTA! We used to get together with these guys every Sunday and play for hours. We had such a fun time!!! Then we headed back to L.A. We got to visit with Jeff's Aunt and Uncle and talked all about the game. They are so much fun to talk to. The next morning we headed back to the airport and Morgan just kept saying she didn't want to go home she wanted to go to Disneyland. :)

It was such a fun trip and we weren't ready to come home but we are SO glad we were able to go. The girls did great there were only two meltdowns. Whitney did awesome. It was so nice to spend so much time with Jeff and with all of our friends. We hope we get to see everyone again soon!

I asked Morgan what her favorite part was she said, her princess dolls. :)

I asked her what her favorite ride was, Dumbo

I asked her who her favorite princess was, Cinderella....surprise! :) haha

Jeff on the phone with someone talking BYU football.

Whitney loved riding in the stroller and puling Morgan's hair! :)

At Sea World they had this great kids area that Morgan loved.

I have to give a big shout out to Jeff. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and he did a GREAT job! He bought me a chocolate fountain and set it up and bought a bunch of stuff to put in the chocolate and invited a bunch of people over for cake and chocolate fountain! :) He worked so hard to put it all together and it was a big surprise for me :) Thanks Love! I LOVE YOU SOOOO much!

We just found this picture and I had to post it, I don't remember which birthday this was for Jeff but he always said he wanted a cake made of big mac's. :)