Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lots going on!

Jeff and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary! We went to our wards chili cookoff! haha I know it doesn't sound that exciting, but it is so fun! No conversation, good food. :) This year Jeff entered a chili, I think it had about seven pounds of joke. The original recipe called for 22 pounds!!! I made him cut it down. :) He wasn't in the top three for chili but he won for the name PETA Chili...People Eating Tasty Animals chili. Nice huh. :) BUT, he had a lot of people come up to him and tell him they voted for his chili. So I would say it was a hit! To bad I forgot to bring my camera! (We are planning on going away for the weekend to celebrate as well we just have to figure out where we are are going and when would be ok for work!)

Not only did we have our anniversary this week but Jeff finished his MBA!!! YAY! He literally works 50 hours a week (at a minimum), does his calling, takes care of me and his 2.5 kids. He has a lot on his plate I am so proud that he did so well while taking care of his other responsibilities. Good job Hun, we love you and are so proud of the hard worker you are!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look what we got!

Ok, this one isn't ours but it looks the same. I feel that normal? I remember when my friends parents got mini vans did anyone else feel this way when they got a van/SUV? Don't get me wrong this is what I wanted because it seems to have more storage space than any of the SUV's we looked at. Oh well either way I love it and it will be great to be able to fit all three kids in. Oh yeah, we are pregnant! :) We are only about 14 ish weeks along. I feel like a trash monkey but I think I am slowly getting better....slowly. I have one or two decent days then a rough one. That being said I am grateful we are pregnant...shocked and nervous, but excited. I knew as soon as we had Whitney that there was another baby ready and waiting to come. I was just surprised since it seems to take us a while to get pregnant, this was a little faster than expected but that is ok. Somehow I will be able to handle three kids...right?