Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holidays '10

Well, no excuses. I just didn't want to blog. :) It isn't the writing that I mind but the pictures take so long to upload...does this bother anyone else or is this me just being ADD??? SO, to document our 2010 Holiday season here goes:

~THANKSGIVING: For Thanksgiving this year we went up to Jeff's sister Shelly's house to celebrate. We had a good time eating and talking. I was just happy not to be by ourselves on Thanksgiving.

The BEST part was at 10:00 p.m on Thanksgiving though. On our way home from his sisters house we decided to drive by a few stores to see if anyone was lining up for Black Friday...and they were! I have never been a part of the early morning craziness but it always fascinates me, you hear all these insane stories. SO, long story short, we saw people lining up. It got me all excited. I had seen a few things in the ads and had been contemplating if it was really worth it...were the deals really THAT great? SO, when I saw everyone lining up I knew I HAD to do it!!!

BEST. DAY. EVER! haha ok, maybe that is an exaggeration. We went home, put the girls to bed and I headed over to Wal-Mart at about 10:00. I think why I had such a good time is because this is the first time I had been alone...all kids, not even the baby! All you mom's know that this is a GREAT feeling! (not that we don't love them, but a Momma just needs some space sometimes!) ANYWAY, it was INSANE! But oh so fun! I just kept walking around the store watching everything, it was so fun! It was CRAZY though! You were literally cart to bum throughout the entire store. I got everything that I wanted on my list (and some :) ). After Wal-Mart I headed to Target...Target wasn't as crazy inside as Wal-Mart but the line to the doors went ALL THE WAY AROUND the building! Anyway, it was SO fun to do something all by myself and to watch all these people going nuts.

I don't know why Black Friday shoppers get such a bad rap. I was really impressed with how kind everyone was trying to help everyone get what they wanted. I only heard one person yelling and that was as she was walking out of the store and she looked like a real classy lady in the first place. ;) So THANK YOU Black Friday for helping me finish Christmas shopping...I may just enjoy it again next year!

(NOTE: Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays! I start my Christmas decorating Nov. 1st because it reminds me of the things I am most grateful for, so all you haters of decorating before Thanksgiving is over, sorry, I LOVE IT! Also, I realize I wrote mostly about Black Friday but this year I was SO THANKFUL for it! Momma needed a BREAK! :) )

~CHRISTMAS: For Christmas this year we really lucked out. Jeff's sister lives up north (only about an hour or so away) SO, all of his family but one sibling was able to come! It was SO fun! I think my favorite part about the holidays is all the family. (The food doesn't hurt either!) We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at her house eating, talking, playing games, eating....etc....typical Christmas WONDERFULNESS. The day after Christmas Jeff had to talk in church so we had his brother and his family and his parents come and listen and hang out. The next day we went downtown to Pike's Place Market with everyone and shopped and ate and enjoyed. I was a really nice, fun, laid back Christmas.

~NEW YEAR'S: We were invited to a friends house for fondue (yum!) but Whitney wanted to be sick with a fever and cold. Blah, poor thing. SO, we partied at home instead...ok, by party I mean I fell asleep on the floor and woke up for a few minutes to watch the ball drop and I went to bed. Nicole has NOT been sleeping well and I was exhausted! I am sad the holidays are over but I am excited to see what fun things happen this new year!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (by your, I mean for Grandma because beside me I am sure she is probably the only other one that really cares! :)...not in particular order either...sorry! I was just lucky to get the all on here!)

Nikki (almost 4 months old)

What is considered child labor? :) (this little vacuum was $8 Black Friday...BEST PURCHASE EVER! We have carpet in our dining area and I HATE vacuuming under there, we have to do it almost every day SO now it is one of Morgan's chores with this little vacuum!)

Whitney likes it too!

Since Nicole hasn't been sleeping well (I am talking like 6-7 times a night the last two weeks) I wondered if she was ready for rice so much. I will try again soon though if she keeps her sleeping habits up!

Enjoying her new chair she got for Christmas. She also got that bib. It is AWESOME, there is plastic inside it so it doesn't soak her clothes. She is SUCH a slobbery baby!

This is what happens when Daddy watches her. Why doesn't she sit contently like that for me???

Morgan enjoying her Christmas loot.

For the past few months Morgan has been talking about getting thousands of Barbies from Santa for Christmas...these will have to do. Silly girl!

Do I need to explain? :)

Nikki (Cole as Whitney says) and Grandma Sucher

SO, every time we go to Costco Jeff always wants to get this cheese. He then decides it would go bad to quickly. :) I was there one day and they were sampling it and I was telling the lady this and she told me you could freeze it! So MERRY CHRISTMAS Hun, Love you!

Morgan got a bike from her Grandparents for Christmas and she was not HALF as excited as Whitney was. She did NOT want to get off if it!

We forgot to get a picture of the tree and all the gifts but let's just say we were all very blessed! :) (by the way, that BBQ that Whitney's cousins got from Santa was a HUGE hit! That is what ALL the kids wanted to play with!)

Christmas Eve PJ's (Whitney is holding a glow stick, Grandma Sucher put on a 'midnight parade', before all the kids went to sleep everyone got a few light sticks. We turned out the lights and marched around the house singing Christmas was SO cute!)

Christmas Eve dinner!

Morgan (playing Mary) riding the 'donkey' aka Grandpa Sucher

Trying to do the nativity....trying...

This is cousin Devin...I think he and Whitney have a similar that weird?

Whitney carrying baby Jesus

The cutest little angel I have ever Molly

Morgan being Mary

Do I need to say more?

Shepherd Whitney

Santa showed up to our ward Christmas party!

Don't let this picture fool you, she was not thrilled...she did try sneeking the candy canes away from him, that stinker!

There you go Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)