Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My little Morgie :)

Ok, so I didn't want to write a whole lot today, but I thought I would post pictures for those of you who have asked. :) I finally asked Jeff to show me how so now you are going to regret it! Here are some random pictures of Morgan. I will post more, lucky you! These are from when she was younger but they are some of my favorites! Enjoy!!!

She used to LOVE to suck on her toes!

This is one of Jeff's favorite pictures, it was taken at my friend Kristi's wedding

We found this outfit and HAD to have it! haha, It was only $6 so we used it for her easter outfit!

Daddy's little . :)

Jeff s this outfit, but I loved the cutouts on the collar, and the hat!!!

Okay, so these robes are kind of a waste of money, BUT they are so dang cute we couldn't help it!

Haha, what else can I say?!

Grandma and Grandpa Sucher brought this little dress back from China and I LOVE it! I wish I had it in every size up to age 12! :)


Mark&Noelle Taylor Family said...

what a cutie I have blog now check it out themarktaylorfamily.blogspot.com

nat said...

I love it. Thank you Jeff! Give Morgie a kiss from me!

Kingston & Kristi said...

She is darling. I love the pictures! PS what kind of camera do you guys have? We are thinking about getting one... notice that I never have pictures on our blog. Oh well. :)