Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm it!

Well Kristi Jo tagged me and it looked like fun so here goes:

Ten years ago: I was 13 1/2 :) I was in the 8th grade (Jeff was a senior!) and pretty much the most homely kid (my blog somehow will not post the word g i r l so if the sentence doesn't make a lot of sense put the word in it and maybe it will) you have ever seen. Acne, braces, crazy curly hair, chubby etc. I was in band, student council, basketball, and gymnastics. I also got my first gift for valentines day...a corn plant. OK OK OK, it wasn't really a corn plant but it sure looked like one and I also got a precious moments vase...kind of random.

Five things on my to-do list today: Well, it is night time so not a whole lot...watch a re-run of the office while recording American Idol! haha TOMORROW I have:
1. Take Morgan to the park
2. Go to the library
3. Go to Costco
4. Go to Wal-mart
5. Call and check on my headbands

Five snacks I enjoy:
Um, this is pretty hard because I pretty much like everything but hamburgers or meat on bread. :) Weird I know.
1. Lipton onion soup mix dip with potato chips
2. Marshmallows
3. Cheese
4. Mint Oreos
5. Snap peas

What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire:
Pay off everything we owe. Buy a nice home (nothing to flashy but somewhere where we could raise a family for the next ten or fifteen years), take Jeff and my family on a cruise of the Mediterranean. um, get a good haircut :) Pretty much keep doing what I am doing except maybe a vacation every month. Spend the summers in Africa doing humanitarian aid work. Jeff says I should buy him a sports team, preferably the Cardinals....maybe but for sure I would let him quit his job and let him look for his perfect job somewhere in sports. hmmmm, maybe take some cooking classes. Pay off our parents houses and put more money in their retirement funds.

Jobs I have had:
Student aid, Western Watts, BYU-Idaho dorm cleaner (funnest job ever!), BYU-Idaho IT student secretary, BYU Utilities Secretary, Wife , Mom

Three of my bad habits:
1. I leave my wet towel on the bed
2. Complaining
3. Spot cleaning and saying I am going to get to it later...a lot later.

Five things most people don't know about me:
1. When I was born my legs weren't connected to my hips, I had to wear a brace for I think six months.
2. I can fit my fist in my mouth but I haven't done it since the day I got married.
3. I being the center of attention.
4. I wish I was the next Martha Stewart...I am domestically challenged.
5. I am terrified when we drive around cliffs that we are going to fall off.

I tag: Natalee, Shayla, Nicole, Wylie, Megan and whoever else would like to reminisce


Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

So I thought that leaving the wet towel on the bed was a guy thing--I guess it's a Smith thing! Spencer does it too! That is so funny!