Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah love...

Well, to make a long story short. Jeff and I dated from May to August. We had a great time but one night we started having a DTR (for those of you not familiar with Mormon slang, it means determine the relationship) well curfew was almost there so we decided to meet the following day at his apartment after work and classes.

Well after a long day of waiting to talk I went to Jeff's apartment. As I walked into the living room Jeff was pacing nervously. :) Well, this is the part that we never agree on as we tell this story :) BUT, my purpose in talking to him was to tell him I still really like him, but I am not ready for marriage....yet. HIS take on the story was that he thought that because I was not ready to "commit" that I wasn't ready to let go of my missionary. (yeah I know, I had a missionary. :) Anyway, so I left the apartment bawling as his roommate was coming in and invited me over to dinner. He is sweet but a little oblivious. So I drove around Rexburg and the surrounding areas for a couple of hours and ended up at his little sisters apartment! Haha, I was so pathetic, I only hung out with Jeff that summer and his friends since all of mine were gone for the summer. SO, I went and talked to her and she tried to console me. :)

So, the rest of that summer I just threw myself into school, work, and student counsel. Jeff, he just shut himself in his apartment and frustrated his roommates. :) haha, ok it is only funny now because we are happily married, but every time I saw one of his roommates all they could do was complain about him. Well, slowly we started seeing each other, then we would go to lunch or shopping. ANYWAY, I am sure this is already more than you wanted to know but, we finally got back together. I believe it was conference weekend of 2003 (October).

That Halloween I was in charge of the campus Halloween carnival. (When I say I was in charge, I had an excellent committee that did pretty much everything! Thanks guys! ) Anyway, so Jeff and I dressed up as giant chickens (I will have to find that picture and scan it in) but, but best friend Kristi Jo was there for the weekend from BYU. So while I was off checking on things they had a nice bonding moment.

The next day Jeff and I had a study date in the library. While on a study break I asked him what he and Kristi had talked about. He said Kristi just wanted to know what his plans were for me. :) Thanks KJ for looking out for me. :) So I asked him what his plans were, and he started off with 'hypothetically speaking.' Which then became our favorite phrase. 'Hypothetically speaking' if things continue to go well, maybe we will be engaged by December. OR something along those lines. Well, no more studying got done that day. The next weekend we were out ring shopping. This is were Jeff claims that I first said I Love You. Which maybe in those words might be correct. BUT I claim the first time we both said it we were at the stop light by the court house in Rexburg headed toward Wal-mart and Jeff says, "I think my feelings for you strong..." haha and I just said that mine were too. And that was it. haha

Ok, I have rambled long enough. BUT I do want to just make some side notes about Morgan :)
* I made King crab and Jeff for Valentines dinner and Morgan just reached over and grabbed and leg for herself and would NOT give it up! haha The poor guy that marries her better make good money to keep up that kind of palate!
* She is saying more and more words now. She will show me what she wants when she can't say it.
* She can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, and toes.
* She is definately her daddy's child. She already knows how to say football and baseball.


Melanie said...

We are planning on coming to Denver this summer sometime! I miss you! It was so fun to see Jeff, but we missed seeing you and Morgan. I can't believe how grown up she is!!

nat said...

Way to go Kim and new post and a picture. Very impressive! :) Morgan is hilarious! My in-laws are coming tomorrow, so you will need to give me a call soon to break up their visit. Love em, but you know. Talk to you soon. Love ya, Nat.

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

She is getting so big! How fun! It sounds like Jeff had trained her well :) Miss you

Jen said...

Crab already!?! She does have expensive taste! If my kids are "daddy's girl/boy" at all then i'm sure they will be eating crab at Morgans age too!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! I didn't know! Keep the pictures coming!

Kingston & Kristi said...

Great post! I got a shout out. ;) Isn't it funny to look back at how things worked out? :) Love you guys!

mackey family said...

Yea Kim, I'm so happy you joined the blogging world! It's fun and a little addicting. :) Morgan is so cute...and apparently not a picky eater! Love the stuff about you and Jeff...drama drama, but what a happy ending!

Mr. Roberts said...

I was there when it all began in the Kimball Buidling and Jeff would bring me with him to make visits from the second floor to the first floor where you worked.
I was also on that first date, sitting in the back seat of the white Altima as we drove to Idaho Falls and ate a Johnny Carrino's. What else we did, I can't remember. But indelibly imprinted in my memory is the stunned look on Mr. Sucher's face when you revealed your age...classic.