Monday, December 24, 2012

Phone pics part 2

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time due one week apart both with little boys, and we both have three girls.  It was so fun to do our pregnancies together.  I was out in Utah, Idaho, and Washington for about three weeks this summer.  We were hanging out this and this was the day we found out that our Grandma Smith had passed away. 

Wirig family reunion sack races (I even did this 7.5 months pregnant!)

Morgan and cousin Emily

I'm not sure how these got SO out of order.  My mom came to help after I had Jackson and here she is helping Morgan with homework.  (She is an elementary school teacher)

My favorite.  I though about deleting the others but I just think they are funny.  :)

Baby BOY!

I believe this was Nikki's first time in a dress up!

This little girl probably gets less sleep than her sisters.  Not this day, she RARELY crashes like this.

The girls love it when I would take pictures on my phone.

Getting ready for our maiden voyage in our camper.

They were so excited!

Goofy girl

Getting ready for bed in the camper

I think I get the best mom in the world sticker for this one.  I COMPLETELY forgot to pack diapers.  So she had a makeshift diaper of plastic bags and paper towels.  Awesome.

Our first "home project" we put sticky tile down on the trailer floor. I was pretty proud of us.

Summer fun.

The girls love the tramp, but I think Nikki loves it most.

LOVE them!

Silly girls...dumb stickers, I found these everywhere.

We visited my Friend Chera on our crazy summer trip, she has this big hill across from her house and Nikki thought it was so fun to 'mow' the lawn.

I wish we lived closer to Chera, these girls got along SO well just like their mommas.  :) 

We took a little walk to this yummy ice cream shop that is close to Chera's house, the girls thought it was great.

At Grandma's house with the chickens.

The LOVED the chickens and really liked to feed them.

Picnic at the park

My Mom was on city council for 12 years, she was in charge of parks.  I was at the meeting with her when she picked out this play set, the set has held up great, the gravel...not so much.

Making Noelle's birthday cupcakes with Grandma.  That night I had a 'sleepover' with some good friends.  We stayed in my parents trailer and ate and talked until four in the morning!  The next day was our ten year class reunion.


I came into my parents kitchen to find Nikki like this. 

Silly girl.

She LOVED looking at herself in these glasses.

Silly goose.

This may be one of my favorite pictures of this girl.

She loved playing with Grandma and these blocks.


One of my cute nieces had a birthday party while we were in Utah this summer.  Her momma is amazing and made these braids.  Morgan being the great manipulator gathered most of them and dropped her hair down from the 'tower'

I love the picture she painted.  :)

My cute sister in law and her sweet baby. (Not the birthday girl)

Grandma Great getting in on the festivities.

Love her!

SO smart to let everyone have a candle!

Wirig family reunion.

Morgan lost her first tooth when we were in Utah, but she had to wait until Daddy got there to get it out for her.

When we were in Utah my Grandma passed away, so I made an impromptu trip to Washington for her funeral.  My AMAZING sister in laws took my oldest two for a few days and I took Nikki and three of my siblings.  I am all about the quick car trip, you only stop to get gas and that is when you will eat and use the restroom.  :)  My brothers on the other hand wanted to stop and sit down to eat for every meal and pee whenever the urge hit.  It was a long trip, but a lot of fun too.  This is Nikki at one of our sit down meals.

Whidby Island, this is where my grandparents lived.

Nat, Spencer, and Nikki on the Ferry

One final ride to the island.

Kind of hard to get a good shot with a camera phone with the shortest person holding it.

Good times.

View from my Grandparents backyard.

The animals on the island are very friendly.


This is Nikki holding Uncle Barts finger, they bonded.

The house where we stayed during the funeral.

The view.


Brotherly bonding.  :)

Blackmail.  :)

Seriously, what do you think I could get from them to delete these?







The house from the front.

Nikki was a peach the entire time.  Thank goodness!

I know this is really disgusting but after hours and hours of driving, yes I drove all but four hours of the drive up and back 7.5 months pregnant, thanks again brothers.  This is what my sister and my ankles looked like...yuck!  ( drove over 50 hours in two and a half weeks with three kids and pregnant, I wont be doing that again!)

Morgans awesome outfit she put together that was 'just her FAVORITE!'  Silly girl!


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