Friday, December 21, 2012

Phone pics part 1

I got a new phone and I wanted to make sure I saved all my pictures from my phone.  I didn't realize how many pictures I had saved on there!  It was a windows phone so it was quite the process to get them onto our Mac.  What a pain.  They may be fuzzy and turned sideways but I didn't want to mess with them anymore.  Here comes part one of my phone picture overload, sorry!  They are random and in no certain order:
Daddy let the girls all pick out treats after he took them shopping.

Nikki loves pizza, lately though all see eats is the top.  Stinker.

When I take a picture of one they all want a picture.  Is anyone else's five year old a messy eater still?

Nikki has insisted on feeding herself since she was a little over a year old.

I walked into the girls room and found them sitting in the toy box.


Finally made it to Florida and got our rental car.  It was a long morning.

Disney World!

It was really hot.

Nikki's first carousel ride

Whitney thought she was so funny putting her dress on Daddy's head.

Lot's of waiting in line.



They loved the parades.

There were a few times on the trip that were perfect, little moments where I don't think life could have been any better.  This was one (despite the look on Nicole's face!) 

Toy Story!  Our FAVORITE.  Probably just because Jeff and I are really competitive...I wasted him.  Just FYI.  :)

Daddy and Morgan went on the Star Wars ride while we hung out outside and enjoyed our treats.

Love this little girl!

These suckers were called Unicorn _____ I don't remember, but Morgan thought that was pretty awesome.


He was a little hungry! :)

Finally time for the CRUISE!

The girls looking at the ship

I'm so bummed these turned out so fuzzy, here were are in the terminal to the ship.

Sitting down for lunch on the was SO good!

Our room

Checking out the kids area

Morgan and Whitney pretending to be scared.

Welcome party