Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Louis

So when the Cardinals made the World Series Jeff was pretty ecstatic.  Well, we were all pretty happy.  So, of course living as close as we do we decided to drive over for a quick weekend trip.  It was a fun trip and we had a great time staying with Jeff's sister Jen.  Jeff went to the game with a friend and the girls and I got to play with Jen and her fun family.  If none of you have heard about all of the fun free stuff in the great city of St. Louis you are missing out.  There are free museums and parks and zoo' is great.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

 Downtown St. Louis

 Rally squirrel, during the playoffs squirrels kept running across the field so I think the the St. Louis fans thought they were good luck so the Cardinals used it as a fun gimmick for the series.

 Fred Bird, the Cardinals mascot.

 Jeff helping the girls at the science center build an arch.

 They had it but it didn't last very long.  :)

 There we go!

 Morgan knows quite a bit about dinosaurs so it was fun for her to see what one would kind of look like besides the ones she see's on t.v.  This is a typical Whitney pose.  Silly girl.

 Morgan and cousin Lizzy on a 'hamster run' at the science center.  When you get it going it makes this giant marble run thing drop a big ball and go through this maze, it is pretty fun.

 Whitney and cousin Emily having a try, pretty sure Emily did all the work.

 Nikki wanted a turn.

 At the butterfly pavilion.

On the drive home.  It was a great trip.  :)

We also went to the magic house.  It was awesome.  It was my first time there and if I lived there I think I may take my kids everyday.  It was ginormous and so fun.  Lots of fun hands on things for the kids to do.  We were there on a free day (this is one thing that isn't free) so it was CRAZY.  To bad we didn't bring our camera.  We also went to build a bear and Morgan has been attached to her bunny ever since.  Thanks Cardinals for getting us back to St. Louis!


Cynthia said...

Next time you're in town you should stop by- we live in St. Louis!!!