Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christmas 2011

So apparently I didn't even post about Christmas!!!  Awesome.  Our Christmas was fun, we had my parents stay with us and spent time with them and my brother and his family.  It went quick but I loved every minute together.

 So we stopped by a random teacher supply store one day in December and there was Santa!  It was great no lines, and they gave great goodie bags!  My camera was acting weird so here are the awesome pictures.

 Our awesome 70's wood paneling behind our Christmas tree with the crooked star.

 Morgan being silly.

 This was the best shot we were able to get with the girls in their Christmas dresses.

 This is what the next few shots looked like, do you like Whitney's shoes?

 Dad and the girls love Angry Birds so he bought the girls these great hats.

Merry Christmas....a little late...