Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Whitney...

You my dear are into EVERYTHING! I just wanted to take a minute to document a few things you were into in one about two hours...

You found some zucchini bread that our neighbor Anna brought to us and took it into your room, shut the door and started chowing down.

You then found the container of Nesquik (that I should have put away) never-the-less, you were hiding in a corner and stirring it with a mess though...thank goodness.

You then found the milk that was left on the table from breakfast and poured the rest into your made it all in thank goodness (there wasn't much left...but enough to have made a mess if you did)

You decided to pour the dish detergent into the dishwasher all by yourself....I caught you soon enough that you didn't make a huge mess.

I think there was one or two more things you did I can't remember. But lately you have thought it was fun to poop in the tub. REALLY...every once in a while I understand but it has been about the last three or four baths that you have done it....not pleasant child...not pleasant. One day you peed on the floor and THEN pooped in the tub...I had even sat you down on the potty minutes before. This isn't everything (there was the time you pooped on the carpet, not once but poured your cheerios in the dining area...toy room...and down the hall....but I thought I would just document a FEW of your crazy things this post!) but my goodness, you are sure trying to test my patience!!!

* I really do watch after my child but with three now it is A LOT harder to stay on top of everything! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nicole's Blessing

We were able to bless Nicole on Sunday (Happy Halloween to us :) ). It was really a perfect weekend. Jeff's parents came in Friday morning and we hung out all day, we went to dinner, talked and just enjoyed each others company. Saturday we waited for my SIL's family to come down then we went to Cabela's...we were planning on going to Mt. Rainer but the weather was rainy and cold. Cabela's (sp?) was actually perfect. The kids LOVED the stuffed animals and the fish tank. It was great. When we came home we started dinner my parents showed up. It was great. We ate our paella and we all just talked. It was just nice and laid back. Sunday was the blessing and everything went great. The blessing was beautiful and Nicole didn't cry, hooray! After the meeting we came home and had french dip sandwich's and lots of other food. It was a perfect weekend. I am so grateful to be blessed with such wonderful loving supporting families!

She started out happy...

Not to sure...

Not happy... :) This is the dress I made this summer, it fit pretty good but was a little large around the waist so I put a ribbon around it and I should have stitched it into place because it kept hiking up...oh well. At least she had all the right accessories! My sweet sister Nat made the head band and the bracelet, to cute!

Whitney did not want anything to do with pictures.

For Halloween we went to our ward trunk or treat and our ward is GINORMOUS. There are two primaries and four councilors in the RS and I don't even know about the other auxiliaries. The party was huge and SO busy that we ended up leaving early but the kids looked cute.

Morgan was a unicorn (thanks Alecia for the awesome costume!) Whitney was a butterfly and Nicole was a bunny. Our cute nephews joined us and they were members of Super Why.

Nicole's view, this is the only spot I can leave her for more than a few minutes without her crying.

After I took this picture Whitney thought that these colors looked tasty but for some reason I can't find that picture!

We went to the pumpkin patch with my friend Anna and the girls had a blast. We haven't ever done this before but I will definitely do it again! I LOVED it!
Don't you love Morgan's outfit...seriously this girl wants to wear a dress everyday still even if it is a little chilly outside...oh well.

Whitney never wants to cooperate for pictures anymore!

They had GINORMOUS pumpkins there I couldn't believe it! I think this one was 1,200 pounds!

These are our cute little neighbors and I couldn't help it I had to get a picture of them together it was just so cute. They are adorable and SO nice.

This is our street, the last few days our weather has been AWESOME and the neighborhood kids are all outside playing. I LOVE IT! It reminds me of when I was little and we were always outside playing.

This is just a few of the kids that were outside with us the other day...LOVE IT!

So life has still been crazy busy with three but I can honestly say that being a mom is the best thing ever. BUSY. HARD. EXHAUSTING. And some days I tell Morgan I quit and I am not mom anymore and my name is Gertrude, and then she gets teary eyed and says, "but I just love you mom!" That makes me feel loved and like an awful parent at the same time! haha I love my kids and I wouldn't trade this life for anything!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Morgan!

I can't believe I have a four year old! How did that happen? I mean high school is four years long and you think that is never going to end. And now four years goes by in a blink! Morgan is all girl. ALL GIRL. I don't know where she got it from but I think we are in trouble when the teen years roll around! Oh well, we wouldn't have her any other way!

Here are some pictures of her birthday. We had a tea party with chocolate and strawberry milk. Some of the girls wanted to mix the flavors...yuck. By the way, I think I may pay her not to have birthday parties in the future! haha

Morgan after her party showing me how old she is.

Whitney copying mommy. :)

Opening her gifts. She got a lot of art stuff which was SO nice! She has been drawing and coloring a lot! She has never been interested in it until a month or two ago and it has been so nice!

We were grasping for straws here. Why does an hour and a half seem so long when you are entertaining little kids? :)

Everyone singing happy birthday.

Morgan loving the attention.

Make a wish! (Note to self: kids don't care how good things taste, don't waste your time making yummy things. Just serve pre-made things, much easier and faster....and you won't eat the leftovers!)
I can make some pretty tasty things, but I can't make them cute. I tried last year to make a fun looked horrible and tasted like pure sugar, so this year we just went for taste...strawberry buttercream frosting mmmm.

Party favors. We had a bunch of different candies that the girls got to choose from and we filled their tea cups with what they wanted.

My awesome decorating skills. :) haha Lets face it I can plan and delegate things pretty well but when it comes to me doing them by myself...not so good. Oh well at least she got decorations right? :)

She says funny things all the time. I need to write more of them down, but here are some things:

~She dances a lot and one day she was dancing and says, "Mom, these are my moves."
~I don't remember why she said this but she was talking to me and said, "I'm just freaking out."
~When she answered Jeff the other day she said, "sure thing Dad"
~"Strawberry milk comes from cows that eat strawberries huh Mom."
~"Mom, you're a cow." - nice huh

We love you so much Morgan and can't believe how big and smart you are. I can't wait for all the fun things to come but for now, can't I just push pause and enjoy this a little longer? :)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Life keeps going to fast! Does anyone else feel this way? Some days I just wish that there were a pause button because I don't want anything to change and .... other days I wish there were a fast forward button! :)

Adjusting to three kids has been better than I expected. The girls have done great. We just move A LOT slower than we used to. When I had Whitney I didn't feel like I skipped a beat, but now I can't seem to get much done. Usually the house is picked up and dinner is done by the time Jeff gets home but it takes me ALL DAY to get it done! Some days I get a little more done. Don't get me wrong we are so blessed to have three little kiddos but I just wish I could get a little more done some days. :) I guess this is us just simplifying right?Here are a few pictures from the last little while:

When Nicole was a couple of weeks old we went up to Deception Pass which is a beautiful drive.

We woke up early so we could make it up and back in time for the BYU football game. Nice huh :) We are determined to see the sights while we are here, unfortunately we have to plan around the football/baseball schedule right now. In Jeff's words, "you knew what I was when you picked me up!" I love him for that...most of the time. :) Really I can't complain because he has to put up with a lot.

Nicole's first real bath...she didn't like it and still doesn't!

First Sunday back at church.

Morgan entertaining herself. It was so cute she set the whole tea party up herself and even picked the 'flowers'. I love this girl!

We went to the famous Puyallup fair, unfortunately this is the only picture we got. It was fun, pretty much all we did was eat food and run through a few booths. This was the first outing/walking around doing thing we did since Nicole was born. It was fun, but I was tired by the end of the night.

I love these wax lips...Jeff and I seem to buy them every year and this year the girls got in on the fun. Cute!

I realized we don't have many pictures up of our little family since we left most of our decorations and things in Colorado. So I was trying to take some pictures of the girls and Whitney would NOT smile for me. Little stinker.

Morgan on the other hand was hamming it up for the camera doing all sorts of funny poses, she is a really funny stage right now...most of the time I love it.

The little stink would not cooperate at all.

This is how Nicole spends a lot of her time. (I think all of my kids have those bug eyes for the first few weeks) She likes to be held...ALL.THE.TIME. I am a little concerned, she has been a little rough. Not going to lie. Hopefully it gets better.

This little girls is into EVERYTHING! Seriously, who is this child! Morgan loves playing with rice in a tupperware container and she had it out one day and Whitney got a hold of it and put it EVERYWHERE. At first I was annoyed then I thought, not a big deal, pick and choose your battles Kim. As I was vacuuming it up, it was ALL OVER THE HOUSE...not fun. Note to self, no more rice!

Just some of the evidence, I thought that this was it, nope. It was on the couches, in the couches, under the couches...everywhere.

Morgan and Whitney like to chase each other around the coffee table and one day Whitney biffed it into the corner and got herself a pretty good black eye, poor thing. This is the first black eye that we have suffered, hopefully the last.

This is Whitney who crashed on the floor one afternoon for her nap, she never does that so I just had to get a quick picture.

Second Sunday back at church...this week was not as successful...we were home after sacrament meeting was over.

We made caramel apples for our FHE treat one night (oh my goodness, SO YUMMY) and Whitney seemed to enjoy them... :) Ok, she only ate the chocolate and caramel and a tiny bit of the apple, but it was tasty.

Big sister, little sister. I promise I get my kids dressed and ready for the day, it seems like an hour or two after this is what we look like. (Morgan changes clothes about ten times a day lately...drives me nuts). Any tips on how to keep little kids hair in place?

We went to a little town called Ocean Shores on conference weekend. It is about two hours away so we listened to conference on the way up and on the way back. Best two hours ever. The girls were quiet and I was able to pay attention!

This was just a fun little store front, Morgan was amazed and Whitney was terrified of the teeth.

When we were on the beach they had some pretty crazy kites flying.

Jeff and the girls collection sea shells.

Notice Morgan's left hand full of sea shells.

See that little wave coming up towards Whiney...keep watching...

Uh oh! Whitney saw it too!

Oh dear...haha the sad thing is that I saw this coming and all I could do was take pictures! Mind you I had Nicole in the Bijorn and the camera around my neck, I laughed but I felt bad...mostly because I didn't have a second set of clothes. We had to take everything off and wrap her in a blanket.

Nicole, 5 weeks.

Mom, what the heck is this thing on my head?! :)

Cute girl!

Life is good, and while I don't have the cleanest house, am not enjoying my post baby body, and am sleep deprived I feel incredibly blessed. For the last few weeks I find myself just watching the girls (and Jeff :) Just because this post is all about our kids, don't forget I loved him first!) and I am in awe of how much one can really love someone so much and no matter how much they drive me nuts during the day, they make my heart melt that much too...most days. :)

Life is good, we are SO blessed, I just wanted to take a second to count my blessings.