Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nicole's Blessing

We were able to bless Nicole on Sunday (Happy Halloween to us :) ). It was really a perfect weekend. Jeff's parents came in Friday morning and we hung out all day, we went to dinner, talked and just enjoyed each others company. Saturday we waited for my SIL's family to come down then we went to Cabela's...we were planning on going to Mt. Rainer but the weather was rainy and cold. Cabela's (sp?) was actually perfect. The kids LOVED the stuffed animals and the fish tank. It was great. When we came home we started dinner my parents showed up. It was great. We ate our paella and we all just talked. It was just nice and laid back. Sunday was the blessing and everything went great. The blessing was beautiful and Nicole didn't cry, hooray! After the meeting we came home and had french dip sandwich's and lots of other food. It was a perfect weekend. I am so grateful to be blessed with such wonderful loving supporting families!

She started out happy...

Not to sure...

Not happy... :) This is the dress I made this summer, it fit pretty good but was a little large around the waist so I put a ribbon around it and I should have stitched it into place because it kept hiking up...oh well. At least she had all the right accessories! My sweet sister Nat made the head band and the bracelet, to cute!

Whitney did not want anything to do with pictures.

For Halloween we went to our ward trunk or treat and our ward is GINORMOUS. There are two primaries and four councilors in the RS and I don't even know about the other auxiliaries. The party was huge and SO busy that we ended up leaving early but the kids looked cute.

Morgan was a unicorn (thanks Alecia for the awesome costume!) Whitney was a butterfly and Nicole was a bunny. Our cute nephews joined us and they were members of Super Why.

Nicole's view, this is the only spot I can leave her for more than a few minutes without her crying.

After I took this picture Whitney thought that these colors looked tasty but for some reason I can't find that picture!

We went to the pumpkin patch with my friend Anna and the girls had a blast. We haven't ever done this before but I will definitely do it again! I LOVED it!
Don't you love Morgan's outfit...seriously this girl wants to wear a dress everyday still even if it is a little chilly outside...oh well.

Whitney never wants to cooperate for pictures anymore!

They had GINORMOUS pumpkins there I couldn't believe it! I think this one was 1,200 pounds!

These are our cute little neighbors and I couldn't help it I had to get a picture of them together it was just so cute. They are adorable and SO nice.

This is our street, the last few days our weather has been AWESOME and the neighborhood kids are all outside playing. I LOVE IT! It reminds me of when I was little and we were always outside playing.

This is just a few of the kids that were outside with us the other day...LOVE IT!

So life has still been crazy busy with three but I can honestly say that being a mom is the best thing ever. BUSY. HARD. EXHAUSTING. And some days I tell Morgan I quit and I am not mom anymore and my name is Gertrude, and then she gets teary eyed and says, "but I just love you mom!" That makes me feel loved and like an awful parent at the same time! haha I love my kids and I wouldn't trade this life for anything!!!


shay said...

Wish we could've been there!

shay said...

p.s. on those days that I feel like I hear Mom way to much, I change my name to Flower. The kids think it's really funny!

Mark&Noelle Taylor said...

ok so if I ever have another baby girl(not likely) i will be calling you to make a blessing dress for sure.

fgsucher said...

Loved catching up on your family. Such beautiful girls (mom included). Good to see Jeff too.

Brigg and Dianne said...

I can't believe you made the white dress! It looks fantastic! I wish I could sew as well as you!!!

Jennifer Lindstrom said...

My mom was telling me about your ward and how incredibly huge it is!!! I thought wards here in Rexburg were big... We'll be up there in December and can't wait to see you!

Lydia Stewart said...

Such a sweet little baby! I'm so proud of you! You guys are just doing such fun things! What a cute little family! You are amazing! (I was just going through pictures today, and I came across that one of you, me, Kristi, and Noelle (of corse I ended up with the 11x13... what do I do with that? :)- it brought back some fun memories. :) Good times! We need to get together!

Christina said...

Hi Aunt Kim This is Talie i love your blog it is the cutest! Whitney is soooo big! I creaded a blog also if ya type that in theres my blog luv ya and miss ya XOXOXOXOXOXXOXO

Christina said...
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