Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So, when did I get so old?  I can't believe my baby started Kindergarten!!!  It was definitely bitter sweet.  She was very ready and really, so was I, BUT, this is the start of the next 13 years!!!  It was much more difficult than taking her to preschool.  Thank goodness there were a few kids in her class from church whose mom's were there otherwise I may have lost it.  There were a few tears shed on my part but I did pretty good, especially considering my very pregnant state.  So far she likes it but she doesn't really talk a lot about it.  I have to pry it out of her of what she did at school that day, weird considering she is my talker. 

It is nice being on a better schedule in the mornings and it has been fun to spend more time with Whitney and Nikki in the mornings.  Whitney really opens up and she and Nikki are becoming better friends, they tend to fight the most.  So I am excited to see what else this first year brings!

First day!  I almost forgot to take pictures so we rushed these but we made it in time...barely.

Goofy smile, but she is showing off her backpack.

Whitney needed in on the action.

So did Nikki.

Waiting in line. 
Nikki thought she should join too.