Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do you know this guy???

I forgot to tell you we met this guy at the LA airport on our way home!!! I was freaking out, we LOVE Guy!

He was incredibly nice while I was gushing all over him and telling him how much we love him and his shows.

Jeff was star struck.

Jeff couldn't even remember where we lived when he asked us! haha

Super impressed Guy, thanks for a perfect ending to a perfect trip!


Mommy, RN said...

DUDE!!!!! THAT'S ALMOST BETTER THAN HAWAII!!!! I ****LOVE**** GUY! (And I love hearing when celebs are nice in person!) How fun!

Jelaire said...

Who is "Guy??"

Tara said...

WHAT? JELAIRE!? You guys are so lucky! That is way cool that you got to meet him! I'm glad he was nice too- and your trip looked awesome!

ChrisKatieKelly said...

NO WAY!!! We love that Guy, haha! How fun to get a picture!

Julianna said...

I do not know this guy, but I am writing to say that ya you should have some more, maybe you'll get lucky and have twins... :) but on the other side of things, without always being pregnant or nursing you were able to take a awesome trip to hawaii, i'm a little jealous of that.

Lydia Stewart said...

No fair! That is awesome! I love his shows! Actually- I picture that Doug would have been like Jeff. His is the only "cooking show" Doug will watch, because he makes it seem manly and cool. :) That is pretty fun.