Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Whitney...

You my dear are into EVERYTHING! I just wanted to take a minute to document a few things you were into in one about two hours...

You found some zucchini bread that our neighbor Anna brought to us and took it into your room, shut the door and started chowing down.

You then found the container of Nesquik (that I should have put away) never-the-less, you were hiding in a corner and stirring it with a mess though...thank goodness.

You then found the milk that was left on the table from breakfast and poured the rest into your made it all in thank goodness (there wasn't much left...but enough to have made a mess if you did)

You decided to pour the dish detergent into the dishwasher all by yourself....I caught you soon enough that you didn't make a huge mess.

I think there was one or two more things you did I can't remember. But lately you have thought it was fun to poop in the tub. REALLY...every once in a while I understand but it has been about the last three or four baths that you have done it....not pleasant child...not pleasant. One day you peed on the floor and THEN pooped in the tub...I had even sat you down on the potty minutes before. This isn't everything (there was the time you pooped on the carpet, not once but poured your cheerios in the dining area...toy room...and down the hall....but I thought I would just document a FEW of your crazy things this post!) but my goodness, you are sure trying to test my patience!!!

* I really do watch after my child but with three now it is A LOT harder to stay on top of everything! :)