Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yes, We Are Still Here

While my dear, pregnant wife is driving home this July 4th afternoon, I realize it is time to update the blog. We have had a great time up in Washington and will be up here for another few months as I get my new warehouse/office going. So here is a pictorial of our time thus far in WA and the good times we have had. On a side note, my wife is the best. She is a true trooper following me all over the place and never complaining. I am not sure what I did right to deserve such a marvelous spouse, but something was certainly on my side helping me when I managed to swoop her from the BYU-I dating pool. Now on to the show:

Morgan and Whitney pray like their Aunt Stephanie when we get ready for prayers.

Morgan was intent on watching for whales out of Grandma's window. The home we stayed in was Kim's grandparents on Whidbey Island and it looked out on to the Puget Sound. What a beautiful view and a blessing to be able to stay there.

Whitney loves the water. She was ready to go and dive right in. She loves to play in the dirt and sand and yet once she is done, hates to have anything dirty on her hands. Something is going to have to give because Kim and I are getting tired of always having to keep her hands clean.

Morgan on the other hand can't stand to be on the beach at all with flip flops on because she does not like sand on her feet. I had to carry her over all the driftwood to get her back to the van and wash off her feet. But overall, a good time was had by all.

This was the sunset off the back porch at Grandma's house.

Parker and Whitney having a good time in the stroller.

Morgan and Grandma Sucher

Grandpa and Grandpa Sucher with the grandkids.

My parents

A Lighthouse in Langley

We went to a park last weekend for a picnic and they had a perfect climbing tree. We were able to get all the kids in there and Morgan was loving it.

Despite the less than desirable weather, Washington has been good. I love all the green grass and tall trees. It reminds me of the spring I had in Juneau in 1999 on my mission. Anyway, there a little snap shot of what we have been up to.


Mark&Noelle Taylor said...

hey do we know what this baby is going to be?

Nick and Brent said...

Yea for an update---thanks Jeff. :) So you guys have moved to Washington? New job? Hope Kim is feeling good...keep the updates coming on the baby!