Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Rest of September :)

At the end of September we drove over to Utah. Jeff went to see the BYU football game and came back home the next day and while I went to Idaho for the rest of the week. Here are a few pictures:

Morgan was so excited to wear her "BYU dress"

Whitney would not take her eye off my brothers dog.

We were gone during Jeff's birthday (I know I am an awful wife, I still feel bad) Anyway, I got him beatles rockband for his x-box a few days before his birthday. I did try to celebrate before we left with his favorite meal and I took cupcakes to his softball game. I don't think I want to miss his birthday again.

Morgan rocking out!

Jeff telling his girls thanks for the gift.

While I was in Idaho I got to see a lot of old friends, too bad I forgot to take pictures with all of them!!! This is my good friend Noelle who is an AMAZING mom and expecting baby number FOUR! :)

This is mine and Jeff's good friend Nicole. We were all friends in college and without her there may have been no Jeff and Kim :) Thanks Nicole! ;)

My sweet Mom and Dad.

Morgan was in heaven, Grandma let her have all the popsicles she could eat!

My mom makes the best wheat bread! So we watched her make it in hopes that I could recreate the goodness!!!

Whit just watching us make bread.

I went and took a tour of the student center at BYU-I that they are is AMAZING!

Morgan, Whitney, and I went to school with Grandma, and Morgan was IN HEAVEN! It was so cute to watch her! When we first went in Grandma's room she ran up to the front of the classroom where Grandma was and wasn't shy at all. After a big fit she finally came to the back of the class with me. :) I love this picture because all the kids were lining up for lunch and Morgan just went with them and did it without being told. The sweet girl, almost every night she prays that she can go to is going to be a long three years!

Grandma and Morgan at lunch. School lunches where I grew up were awesome, I was SO excited to go to get school lunch with my mom! Is that pathetic?

Go Cardinals! They made the playoff's, unfortunately they didn't make it far, there is always next year right? ( I forgot I put that flower in my hair, does anyone else do that? When I clean up I tend to put thing in my hair and pockets. It happens a lot, so if any of you see me walking around with a random flower or bow on my head, please let me know : ) )

There were four girls from our ward that had birthdays right in a row, so we decided to go celebrate by going to a karaoke bar! haha, it was SO fun! We all want to go back for date night! Thanks for the fun time ladies!!!
(Jule, Alecia, Mel)

(Tiffany, Julie)

(Steph, Wylie, Tiffany)

Lindsey showing a sign of her old age, rubbing some bengay on her poor legs! :) haha, ok, she is pregnant, but I had to make sure we got a picture of that! We love you Lindsey!

Steph and Wylie breaking it down to Womanizer. :)

We sang, Girls Just Want to Have Fun....this song went on...and on...and on...

Whitney is teething, she isn't a great teether, so one day I had it and I found a piece of black licorice for her to chew on it and she was loving it! (Does that make me a bad mom?)

Whitney's first meal of spaghetti


nat said...

Love the update Kim! Love all the pics. Love the pic of Mom and Dad! Love your girls and your guts!

Melissa said...

Cute pics! It's ok that you didn't get a pic of me. I hate pics of me right now. About Morgan and school... just send her to preschool! She'll love it!

Tiffany said...

First of all- I love the fabulous red flower in your hair in the Cardinals picture. Second-The Cardinal's picture should be ya'lls Christmas card. So typical of you Suchers to be wearing their attire. :)

Dalling Family said...

Your girls are soo adorable! I love Whitney's eyes - so pretty!

Tara said...

I wish we were closer! The karaoke idea is a good one!

Mark&Noelle Taylor said...

ah you are to kind to say nice things about me and put that wonderful pic of me but I guess now my secret is out to the blogging world at least to all who check your blog and read it. I put bows in my hair all the time one time I went to wal-mart what a dork I can be. oh and it's a girl shhh!!!!

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

I love Whitney's red hair! I also don't think your pathetic for wanting school lunch. I would go back there just to have school lunch! And I also know Nicole White, probably has a different last name now. But when we lived in Hibbard back 13 years ago, we were in the same ward.

Brigg and Dianne said...

Wow, you've been keeping busy!!! I do the hair thing too, putting berettes and clips and even sticking pencils or pens in my ponytail. I finally walk past a miror and remember that I meant to put those things away.
Have a great Halloween! I can't wait to see pictures!

Mackey family said...

Oh, you're so nice Kim...good times! Though i don't know what I did in college, you and Jeff were already head over heels for each other! I just listened to Jeff talk about you nonstop, and did my job of passing on the good word. :) So why don't you guys move on back to Idaho so we can hang out?