Monday, June 8, 2009

Lots of pictures!

The girls first bath together.

I bought this for $3 at a garage sale thinking I could cover it pretty easily, it was a little more difficult than I expected but it will do.

Next time maybe I will look for a pattern! Oh well it still serves its purpose.

Master Chef Jeff! I think we got these BBQ tools from my mom...I think, but I love it when Jeff puts them on, it cracks me up everytime!

We saw some ribs on sale at Walmart, neither of us have every bbq'd ribs before so we didn't know how much meat was on them so we gave it a shot.

mmmm, tasty! They were actually REALLY REALLY good (good job hun!) but not a lot of meat on, at all! haha, if anyone has any suggestions for buying ribs that would be great because honestly what little meat was on there was GREAT!

My sister in law is letting us use their excersaucer for Whitney and this is how she spent the first week or so using it, but now she is starting to play more and more with the toys. She is so fun to watch.

I took Morgan and Malorie (my friends little girl who I watched) to the Littleton historic farm for our playgroup and they had a lot of fun. We may just have to go back! :)

The girls and the new baby calf.

Although I am not watching Malorie anymore Morgan asks for her EVERYDAY, MULTIPLE times a day. (Marianne, I think we need a play date)

Morgans friend Ellie.

So cute I just couldn't resist!

I made this nursing cover the other night it was pretty easy to make, I was so excited about it, but then I decided I needed a more girly one so I passed it on to another mom, now I just need to find the perfect fabric!

Whitney's pigtails! It makes me so sad that I can give her pigtails but so fun too! It just makes her seem so much older than she really is!!!

Here is my happy four month old!

This is what she spends a lot of her time doing, lately.

SO, I found this gem the other night walking home. I was so excited because I saw a great tutorial on how to make it into an ottoman! Here is the web-site
Anyway, I am not so sure about all that detail work, but we will see how it goes!


Sheyann said...

Oh my gosh Kim! Whitney has TONS of hair!!! I love that you can put it in pigtails and she's only four (and a half) months old! Good luck with the coffee table, be sure to post pictures when you've worked your magic!

nat said...

That is the table you lugged home while on the phone with me? You are Sheera! Or Gem, (remember her)? haha Love all the pics and Whit's hair.

Marianne said...

Great pictures! My sister and her little girls came into town and Malorie kept calling her little girl Whitney. :) We will be up for a playdate pretty soon!

Sheena Menke said...

Kim your girls are seriously beautiful, Morgan is breathtaking. Now we just need to meet Whitney in real life. How about you guys come for a visit?

Aaron and Cera said...

wow. cutie kids, and I'm always amazed at how crafty and creative you are! So, the best ribs- Costco carries a brand called Curlies. HOLY COW- THEY ARE AWESOME! They are a rack that are already marinated, and all you do it take them out, put them in foil on a pan and bake them for 30 minutes or so, and they are soooooooooooo yummy! They're usually by the cheese in the refrigerated section.