Friday, March 27, 2009

I think I am in LOVE

The girls playing with Daddy, Morgan was loving it...Whitney, well she wasn't sure.

Morgan is still trying to decide if she needs a nap during the day. Of course if it were up to me she definitely would! About three days a week she will take one. This is a day she didn't take one. :)

Do you think that flower is big enough?

(WARNING: Picture overload and lots of random information for my sake!)

Life with two kids has been great. There are rough days, but really the whole adjustment to two kids has been MUCH better than I anticipated. I feel like I am able to enjoy Morgan more and the small things don't bother me as much. When I had Morgan it was just SUCH an adjustment from working full time, school part time, and lots of Jeff and Kim time to all of the sudden a new baby, no work, finishing school, and not as much Jeff time. :) Poor Morgan, I definitely didn't enjoy her as a baby as much as I could have. Good thing she had two years by herself for me to enjoy her!

Whitney is so sweet and such a patient little girl! We are loving having her. Honestly it has made me want to have a LOT more! haha we will see in a few months if lots is the right word or not! She is already two months old and getting so big! Her two month stats are:

Weight: 8 Ilbs 5 Ozs. or 11%
Height: 21 1/4 in. or 15%
Head: 14 3/4 in. or 22%

(p.s. I found this web-site called that helped me edit this shot. It is a fun web-site, not photoshop by any means but it works well enough for me!)

She has been so fun, when she was six weeks she started smiling but this week (week 9) she has been ALL smiles. Last night Jeff really got her excited almost like she was laughing! SO CUTE! So fun!

I think that Whitney is going to have curly hair, just look at these pictures of her right out of her bath:

Morgan has been great with her still. She always tries to hug her and still speaks to her in her high little voice, "she is SO cute!", "she's smiling at me mommy", "I love you baby sister."

Morgan has been so funny. Lately when I change Whit's diapers she comes over to see what I am doing and she just says, "OHHHH disGUSTING!!!" haha with a scrunched nose and runs off. We have been potty training Morgan about the last three weeks. She has done great. I put a diaper on her for naps and for bedtime. I am the one who still has to take her to the bathroom, she won't tell me she needs to go. SO today I thought I would just see if she would tell me...the answer was no. By noon today she had two accidents. Oh well. She will get it. For now if I just have to use a diaper a day that is fine.

Morgan has been obsessed with wearing dresses for a long time now, but the last two weeks she is ADAMANT that she needs to wear a dress or a skirt. Anyway, the other day it was pretty chilly outside so I decided to make her some little leggings to go with her skirt. I thought that they turned out pretty cute. It only took me about twenty minutes to make them. Just don't look to close! (this was edited on picnik too! I think I am going to have some fun with this site!)

Morgan's friend Malorie spent the day with us and they had a princess tea party, now Morgan thinks it should be an every day occurrence!

Morgan LOVES to sing. It is crazy how fast she will pick up a song too! That comes from her Daddy! Anyway, I was watching American Idol (this season has been AMAZING! I think it has been the best by far, there are at least 4 contestants that I think will go on and be big, just my opinion, any one else think so?) and she was singing the whole time, silly girl.

Having Whitney and seeing how Morgan reacts to her has really made me really LOVE being a Mom..most days. :) Not that I didn't love it before, but it just feels so much more real. I am so grateful we get to have the opportunity to be parents and that I get to be at home with my girls!

I have been trying to 'spring clean' the last few weeks or so. Just going through closets and clothes. Trying to get things better organized and the junk out. So Wednesday I put all my winter clothes away and wouldn't you know it we had a blizzard the next day! :) Serves me right. I was so excited to move to Colorado and get lots of snow and since we have been here there really hasn't been much. SO, it was a bittersweet day yesterday. I was excited for all the snow but at the same time I was finally getting used to the idea that Spring was here. Thats ok, I am sure it will be gone by Monday. That is a benefit of living here in Denver, when it does snow it melts really fast.

Look at all that snow! In the background if you look closely at the tree you can see it's leafs are coming out!

Anyway, sorry for the long random post. It has just been a while and I wanted to catch up! I don't know how all you other moms out there keep it up! I will try and do better!


Brittany Owens said...

So sorry about the snow. That is soooo depressing. I am a big American Idol fan as well. I like Adam, Danny, Allison, and Matt. Think I have a small crush on Adam. I am a sucker for guys who sing well. I am bummed a little too for not coming to Colorado, but I LOVE AZ!

Brigg and Dianne said...

What cute pictures of your family and your girls! I hope you are adjusting well and feeling good.

Stewart said...

Kim! Those tights you made morgan are SO cute! This my sound like a dumb question, but how did you make them. Any time I ever attempt anything like that it NEVER works out!

Sheyann said...

That picture website sounds (and looks awesome) babe! BTW, did I mention I miss your face too? I loved the abundance of photos, your little girls are SOOOO cute.... I think Andy should marry Whit in many years. She's just adorable... curly hair and all! :) Love you Kim!

Jenny said...

This is gonna be long!

First of all, your little whitney remins me a lot of my shilowe. Atleast I think anyway. Although whitney has tons more hair. Shilowe's does curl a bit like whit's does when it's wet though.

Way to go Morgan on the potty training!! A diaper a day is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than 4 or 5!!

Love the leggings. Where did you get the fabric?? Love the pics also.

I feel the same way about motherhood now too. I guess I just took Thad for granted or something. I hated being pregnant this time but I swear the day I brought Shilowe home I wanted to do it all over it again so I could have even more babies. They are so special.

Next time you are in town give us a call I think Thad and Morgan would love to play together.

Tara said...

CUTE cute little girls! I love Morgans leggings, the black and white ones. I thought that the adjustment from 1 to 2 kids was easier than I expected too! Glad it's going well!

JaNae said...

I love American Idol too and so does Aubry. She is like Morgan and will sing with them. She knows the difference between the singing reality shows and the dancing reality shows. I am in agreement with Brittany and like Adam, Danny, Allison, and Matt. Hope all is well. It's fun seeing all the pics! You have two beautiful girls.

Aaron and Cera said...

Kim! Your kids are sooo adorable! They have the cutest smiles and faces!

Ira and Heather said...

Cute! Love the pics!! We have to get together in April. What day works for you? The kids will enjoy it and so will I.

shay said...

So cute! Love the pics. You did awesome on the editing! Good work!