Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Picture Update

These pictures are in no sort of order (it drives me crazy trying to put pictures in order on here, any tips?)

Morgan learning the tricks of the trade from her Daddy. No, we aren't slave drivers she was SO excited to help it was funny. I think the trick is to give her some gloves, it was so cute!

Jeff had to pull a couple of all nighters a few weeks ago for work. There was a break in a pipe at one of the water districts that they take care of. I don't know if I have all the numbers right but I believe this was a twenty inch pipe that broke (see the water shooting out?) and they lost a couple hundred thousand gallons of water, needless to say it was a crazy week.

My sweet girls. Morgan has adjusted pretty well. She says the sweetest things to Whitney. She just laughs at her and says, "ahh, so cute!" in a squeaky high voice. She has been very sweet to Whit, only a few mishaps. :)

I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture, sorry.

Cute cute, now every time they are on the ground hanging out Morgan asks for the camera.

Here is my pregnant picture, Jeff and I both said we needed to get more pregnant pictures this time around, but we didn't. I think this is the only one! I believe I was 36 or 37 weeks prego when this was taken.

Morgan with her valentine that Grandma Sucher had just given her.

Whitney, two weeks old.

Life has been pretty crazy since Christmas. We had Christmas and then a fun New Year's fondue party at our friends house, then one of my best friends and her husband came to Colorado for one of his friends weddings and so they were able to spend a few days at our house, THEN Whitney was born, then two weeks later Jeff's parents came to visit, then Whits just about every two weeks something has been going on, not to mention the day to day things such as a kidney infection, four colds, a flu, a final for Jeff's MBA, his all nighters, adjusting to two kids. :) SO I think this picture explains how we have all been feeling lately! She has only ever fallen asleep at dinner once before so she really must have been exhausted!

Ok, so we all know Morgan is obsessed with princesses right now. She sleeps in this dress at least once a week. My friend Kristi Jo gave her that tiara and she wears it as a mask (crazy kid) and well, this is what she looks like four or five days a week so we thought we better document it.

Whitney had to stay under these billi lights for two days here at home. Not the funnest thing a new momma has to do. Morgan's billi count was so high she actually had to go back to the hospital. So I guess I can just count my blessings that Whit was able to be here at home. (four days old)

My brother Benson has a nine year old little boy who is on a little league basketball team. He and Jeff are the coaches so this takes up our Saturday mornings. It makes me excited to have my own kids in little league. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Funny kids!!!

Morgan in her princess dress....again...different accessories! :)


Christina said...

Send Morgy over with her gloves on and I've got 5 toilets for her to get excited about! Hey, I just highlight the pic. that I want to move, go to edit, hit copy, move my cursor to where I want it and then click paste. I used to get so frustrated until I started doing this- now it's so quick and easy-good luck!

Marianne said...

Hey Kim, what cute girls you have! It is fun to see all that has happened with your family over the last month! By the way, you are looking great! :)