Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life :)

Hello! I feel like not a lot has been going on but for some reason I feel stressed! I think I am pretty close to being done with Christmas shopping...and wrapping. I sorted through all the baby clothes and have them washed and put away, my house is unpacked...well, for the most part. There are four or five boxes or random thing that I either need to toss or hide in the basement! haha So I THINK I am ready for Christmas.

I just thought I would write down a few funny things Morgan has been doing lately, this is mostly for my sake so sorry for no pictures, feel free to stop reading! :)

*She is in her princess dresses almost all day long,
*She is always talking about Cinderella, "where dreams come true" you think she has watched it one to many times? :)
*She likes to sing into Q-tips, pretending they are her microphones. She was doing this the other day in the bathroom mirror and singing I Love to See the Temple. Too cute!
*She has started "pretending" if that makes sense. Today she pretended that her orange slice was the princess and it was on top of the 'castle' aka her sippy cup.
*She loves Little Einsteins and talks about rockets all the time
*Every time we pass a building that has a point or some sore of steeple on it she thinks it is the temple

Anyway, I am sure there is more but I just wanted to get those written down so I don't forget all the cute things she does!

I went to the doctor today and I was just SURE I was dialated and the baby was coming soon, but alas I am not. It makes me almost tempted to make the drive to Utah for Christmas! I am getting more and more excited and more and more nervous for this baby. When I was going through her clothes I think is when I really really got excited. I still just can't imagine another kid! Hopefully all goes well, and I did finally take a pregnant picture I just don't know where the camera is to get it off! SO, maybe next time....if your lucky!


Jared and Marilou said...

It sounds like Ali and Morgan would get along really well...princesses, pretending, Little Einsteins. Two peas in a pod :) I haven't even thought about going through clothes yet...guess I should get around to it, I only have two months left...I probably should get some boy clothes too...but then I start thinking about it all and decide to put it off longer :)

Ira and Heather said...

Too cute about Morgan. I'm sure that by the time you have your Christmas turkey dilating will start. Let me know if I can do anything to help you get ready for the baby or unpack boxes(or move to hiding spot). You should take some pregnant pictures for everyone to see. You look great!! You don't even look like you are due next month by your size. It is just a basketball. Merry Christmas!!!!

nat said...

You Bum! You took a picture and you can't find your camera. Don't you know I am dying over here. You forgot to tell about Morgan and Noodle! That was so cute and I am so proud. . . Love ya!

shay said...

Fun memories of Morgan! Can't wait to see that new little baby! She better come soon!

Brigg and Dianne said...

What a cute little girl you have! It's so great to record all of the little things they do, I probably need to do that more often. I hope your cute family has a very Merry Christmas!!

Danielle and Fam said...

We definitely want to see the pregnant picture! Hope you are feeling okay and that baby #2 is as fun as 1!
Love you guys!