Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!!!

Holy sam! I still can't believe it has been two years since Morgan was born! It is so weird, I am sure all of you moms out there have had very similar feelings. It is a bittersweet day. I am sad she isn't our baby anymore, but at the same time it is so fun to be able to really talk to her and interact with her. She is one funny girl...well, most of the time, lately it has been terrible two's and I am not to in love with this stage, I just keep hoping she gets it all out now before baby number two comes...otherwise, I am afraid there will only be two! haha

Well, this post is going to be all about Morgan, more for her sake and mine than for anyone else. I haven't ever written this down, so don't feel obligated to read! :)

When I was pregnant with Morgan I went to the Dr. three weeks before I was due and I was dilated to a three and 80% effaced. The Dr. told me there is no way I would make it to my due date. I was so excited! I went to back to work and told some of my students who worked next to me that they may have to take me to the hospital so be ready. Yeah right. Three weeks later ON my due date I was back at the Drs. office and they had to strip my membranes....OUCH and we scheduled an inducement date. I wasn't too excited about this because I was worried that #1 I knew exactly the day I would have the baby...that is nerve wracking...I think I would rather have a surprise. #2 What if she was supposed to come on a different day. Oh well. I went on a walk every day that week trying to get her luck. So the night before we were supposed to go in I was a mess. I was SO nervous!!! So Jeff being the good husband he is saw the need for me to get some ICE CREAM! mmm We went to Cold Stone, I just remember people asking me when I was due and just freaking out in my head as I said I am going in tomorrow!!!

Well, that night I couldn't sleep very well and not just because I was pregnant! I don't know how you ladies do it who have these things planned!!! I was supposed to call the hospital at 6 to let them know we were coming in and to see if there was enough room. I woke up at 4 with an awful cramp. I hadn't had any the whole time I was pregnant so I was a little nervous, but I tried going back to bed. Three minutes later another.....and so it went for about an hour. I woke Jeff up and told him that I thought I was in labor, he just said no your not we don't go in until 6. Silly boy. So I tried walking around the house...yeah, that didn't help, so I tried taking a hot helped a little but finally I got Jeff up and said we had to go. I think at this point he was in a little more shock than I was. We got loaded in the car and were on our way! I just kept saying, "what are we doing? What are we doing? We can't do this!!!" haha I was FREAKING out in between contractions that were still coming every three minutes. It was a constant thing from that first contraction and they were painful RIGHT from the beginning. We finally get to the hospital and into our room and sweet Jeff called his brother at 6 in the morning to come give me a blessing and the good brother in law that he is he showed up as fast as he could. At this point I was in my bed, a little more calm and I just looked at Jeff and asked if it was to early for an epidural. I was sure I was going to last much longer than that! (It was 8 so I did last for four hours) I thought I had a higher pain tolerance, oh well, such is life. The epidural was heaven. After that I was just anxious. My goal was to have her by the time Price is Right was on. (We love that show and were planning on going one day but that is a WHOLE other post) At this point my Mom was there and we were all just sitting in my room waiting. My mom was a little annoyed she just kept saying it wasn't fair, she was supposed to be helping me, but all she was doing was reading a book! That is the beauty of epidurals!!! Anyway, she wasn't out by the time the Price is Right was on, but by 12:32 p.m. Morgan Annine Sucher was here! She was 7 Ilbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. I only pushed for about 20 minutes. She had gunk in her lungs so they had to suction her out and we were only able to hold her for a few minutes, then they whisked her away and Jeff went too. I didn't know where they were going at this point I think maybe I was a little too drugged. Overall it was a great pregnancy and good delivery, only eight hours from start to finish. Morgan was very jaundiced so we were able to take her home but the next day she had to go back to the hospital and stay another night under the lights. This is not very fun for a new emotional mother...not my favorite day but we are just glad she is healthy now. After she was born the Dr. said she was one of the most feisty babies he had delivered. She is still a feisty one!

*She can sing her ABC's and a few other songs. She likes to play her piano and sing twinkle twinkle little star.

*She can count to 15 then after that she makes it to 20 with a few mistakes.

*She can tell me most of the letters of her alphabet.

*Jeff affectionately refers to her as the parrot. She likes to repeat everything we say, and vice versa, we have to repeat what she says or else she keeps saying it until we do. (My favorite is when she calls Jeff 'hun'.)

*She tries to do handstands with her Daddy which end up turning into a somersault.

*She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

*She is very good about saying please and thank you. She even says bless you and excuse me after sneezing.

She is such a blessing in our family and we are so grateful for her. Happy birthday Morgan, we love you!


Stewart said...

That's so strange that Morgan is a little girl now and not a baby. Her hair is getting really long, she doesn't even look like a baby anymore. I hope you guys had a fun birthday.

the spokane smith's said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!!! We love you! A card is on the way! I've been really terrible lately! I haven't forgotten, I promise!!

Cortney, Duane, and Zach said...

Kim! I'm so excited you found my blog! It's great to see yours and see pictures of your beautiful family and also great to know how things are going!

Steph said...

Ohhhh! My little Morgan all grown up! She is the cutest! I love her!

nat said...

Hey Kim! Do you like the name Camden? Happy bday Morgie! love you all

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Hey Kim,
Happy b-day to your little girl. You need to post some belly pictures these last couple months. Every week, we need to see a belly pic!
Good luck!