Saturday, August 30, 2008

Princess party

I forgot to say that when we were in Utah for Jeff's family reunion Jeff's Aunt Melissa threw a princess party for us and all the little nieces and nephews. It was SOOOO fun! I think the big girls had just as much if not more fun than the little ones!!! Melissa is so creative it kills me! She is so smart, she bought her little girl a bunch of princess dresses (after Halloween when they go on clearance) for her birthday. What a great idea! Anyway, so whenever her friends or other cousins get together they all have a dress they can play with. Genius! One day I hope I can be more like Melissa, seriously she is a domestic diva!!! Here are the pictures I swiped from my sister-in-laws blog because of course I forgot my camera. :(
* after we were done with our treats Melissa showed us how to make little girls bows, they were so cute! She could make flowers, fishys, and even a princess out of a bow. I WISH I had my camera!

Poor Brent, being the only nephew on the Sucher side he had to be our prince. I don't think it bothered him to much. :)

The little girls at their special table with flowers, tablecloth, and their own little tea sets with pink milk and everything. TOO CUTE!!!

Cute Morgan in her pretty princess dress...just in case you didn't know this is Belle's Christmas dress. :) It was too cute!!!

Aunt Melissa and the cute food she had for us. There were even cucumber sandwich's with the crust cut off!!!

Jeff's sister Jen showing off her proper tea drinking skills.

Jeff's younger sister Shelly doing a cute pose. :)

Jeff's baby sister Steph showing off her tea hat.

Always keep your pinky up!

* Ok so after we had this party I was determined to find princess dresses for Morgan for Christmas. I was looking on craigslist last week and a lady had posted six princess dresses that she had from her preschool. They did a princess and pirate week so these things were barely used. I went and picked them up and while I was there this lady said that she could only get six dresses in the pictures but there ended up being I think nine princess dresses, plus all their shoes, plus all their 'accessories' for $40!!! I was so excited!!! I hope Morgan will like them as much as I do! :)


nat said...

Kim you Suck! Pardon my french. But, How In The World Can You Look Good Even When You Are Eating? GGrrrrr. . . Just kidding. I mean you do look great, you don't suck. Okay, I am rambling because it is so past my bed time. . .

Christina said...

I love the princess dress!! I wish we had a girl, although I think Jake is glad that boys are what we have come up with so far.