Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not so exciting life...

Well Jeff keeps harassing me about updating our blog. I just don't feel like many blog worthy things have happened lately. I am sure most of you feel the same way, but looking at your blogs I wouldn't know it! So I thought I would just highlight some things that we have been doing:

* NBA Championship games...this took up quite a few of our evenings. Although, usually I don't get super excited about these things, Jeff earlier this year said he was going to be a bandwagon Celtics fan so it was fun to see that they won this year! The games were actually pretty fun to watch....for the most part. I think the funnest part it just watching Jeff enjoy it so much.

* OH! I quit my newspaper job! This actually happened when I got sick but it has been so nice to sleep through the night! Yay for eight hours of rest! While this was a happy day, I am so glad I did it. What a good learning experience. It just makes you grateful for what I have. Most of those people really needed that job, while I was just trying to stock our bank account a little more. I am SOOOO grateful I have a good husband who supports us and leaves us needing nothing. We are VERY blessed. Thanks for all your hard work Jeff!

* Watching Tiger Woods play in the the U.S. Open. Not that we always sit and watch golf, (the Masters somehow has made its way into a Sucher family tradition) but for those of you that missed it, it was pretty darn amazing. I think he must have some sort of super powerful magnet that sits in all the hole's and in his golf ball because how in the world can you be THAT good?

* We went to our friends kids first birthday party, it was so fun they had a pool party and it was a perfect day, thanks for the fun guys!

Morgan enjoyed her cupcake. MMMM Good job Meggin!

Ty and Kenzie the birthday kids, I love the concerned look Kenzie has on her face.

Well, we have done a few other things and I have pictures but for some reason I can't get them on the computer. So until Jeff gets home and can help me this is all you get! :) I do have a shout out for Jeff:

For those of you who don't have kids yet it is pretty darn amazing to watch your sweetheart turn into a daddy. Jeff has been the best Dad in the world for Morgan. Some of the things that he does I never would have imagined! :) Morgan loves him so much, every time he comes home she looks at me then starts yelling, DADDY DADDY!!! Then she runs to the door to Jeff. It is SO cute! She is definitely his baby. She loves watching long as dad is there. She even likes all the food the Jeff likes from condiments to Jambalaya (this was tested out tonight and she LOVED IT!) It is pretty amazing how similar they are. :) Happy be-lated Fathers Day Jeff! We love you!!!


nat said...

Yeah! A post a post! Sounds exciting! As much as we don't watch sports at our house I happened to catch the Celtics win (I can't stand the lakers, (I won't even capitalize them how bout that kobe!)) and I watched Tiger win, although I was rooting for the other guy to win, I mean come on, how many trophies do you need right? Anyways, excited to see you soon! Love Nat

The Coopers said...

I totally watched golf that day too! That picture of Ty and Kenzie is so cute. :)

mackey family said...

Sounds like Jeff needs to hand you the remote! J/K That's just what happens when we marry sports junkies. :)

Jolene said...

Kim, I have wanted to comment on your blog since you commented on my, but i have been a little Lazy in the commenting department and we were moving. Anyway, I have thought about you many times since we moved from Utah and wondered where you guys were and what you were up to. Anyway, your little girl is so cute. Ryan has become a big sports junkie. I think we watched every NBA playoff game. I like basketball, but I am glad it is over.

annie said...

what the...we were just talking about being pregnant the other day and you didn't say anything, except on your blog! I am SOOOOO excited for you guys!