Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

What is his name? Jeffrey Scott Sucher

How long have you been married? Four years today! Yay!!! Thus the tribute to my favorite person in the whole world!!! Happy Anniversary to us!

Who eats more sweets? Definitely me!!! Although next to Jeff's side of the bed he has a spot we have affectionately named the snack corner.

Who said i love you first? Long story, refer to my older posts but technically Jeff.

Who is taller? Jeff

Who can sing better? You know, I would like to say me but Jeff is actually really good when he isn't trying to be funny. (the only time I ever hear him sing really loud it at the BYU football games when the fight song comes on....ra ra rarara, goooooooooooooooooo COUGARS!)

Who is smarter? Um, good question. Me with math and science. Jeff everything else. He is pretty dang smart. He remembers EVERTHING, well everything dealing with sports, when we are having a disagreement about something somehow he isn't very good at remembering ;) haha Just kidding. In all seriousness Jeff never ceases to amaze me at how smart he is.

Who does the laundry? Me :( Not my favorite job.

Who pays the bills? Online bill payer! haha, ok the ones that we don't have paid online Jeff always reminds me and then I pay them. It works well...just as long as he remembers to remind me. :)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do if you are looking at the bed, it is closer to the door if I need to help Morgan.

Who mows the lawn? Well, when we were apartment managers Jeff did, but we technically haven't had a yard yet to mow, but I think we will take turns because I really enjoy doing it!

Who cooks dinner? Me, which I don't mind but I just wish he would tell me what he wants! :) He is a really ....creative cook! haha, he is a really good when he cooks and his favorite thing to do is mix and match different condiments. * if you haven't had his salmon or halibut you are missing out, I think that is the best thing he makes *

Who drives? He does and thinks he is the better driver. He always harasses me that I don't drive when we are on long trips....I volunteer but he won't let me drive anyway, I am a grandma driver.

Who is more stubborn? Definitely me. Jeff is definitely not stubborn. I think it is a Smith trait, but I am trying to do better. He is a good example to me.

Who kissed who first? haha refer to one of my first posts but Jeff did. haha I love that boy!

Who asked who out first? He kept asking me when I was going to ask him and I told him that I didn't ask boys out and so finally after about three weeks of this everyday he asked me.

Who proposed? Jeff of course :) He arranged for me to attend different student council meetings for the day which I didn't think anything of because I had received an email from the the Vice Presidents secretary, anyway long story. He was presenting a presentation he had put together for this meeting as well so I was excited to see him in action. He was doing really well at first but then he started to get really nervous and then he came to where I was sitting and he got down on one knee and I thought it was just because he was nervous but then he opened the box! I was shocked I was NOT expecting to be proposed to in front of twenty other people! haha, but if was going to be proposed to in front of that many people I was glad it was them. Most of them had lived through our drama and were great supports for all of us. :) He went to a lot of work to get this put together!

Who has more siblings? Me, 5 to 4

Who wears the pants? It depends on the situation but I think we each share a leg. I love you Jeff!!! I can't believe it has been four years! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! You are so patient and sincere and make me so happy. I love you SOOOO much!!!


Melanie said...

SO CUTE!!!! Happy Anniversary, guys!! I hope you get to do something great to celebrate!

nat said...

Hey I thought that I was your favorite person in the world. I guess that I will have to settle for favorite sister. Dude, I swear I sprayed a whole can of hairspray in your hair on your wedding day. Happy Anniversary!

Adam & Meggin said...

Congrats you two!! Happy Anniversary!

Spencer & Shayla Smith said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been four years either!!

Jared and Marilou said...

Happy Anniversary!

Cardinals Fan in Denver said...

I love you too. For the record, I am an excellent cook.

JJ & Shine said...

Holy smokes Kim! You've been married for 4 years!! Does that mean we're old now? Love you tons! Congrats!

mike&emma said...

You guys are the greatest! I hope that you can find a babysitter and do something fun and ALONE for your anniversary. We love you guys and miss hanging out so much!

--Emma McInelly

mackey family said...

Happy Anniversary, i can't believe it's been that long...crazy!

Mark&Noelle Taylor Family said...

my blog links has cute blog background links. she tells you everything to do to add them.

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

Congrats! You guys are SO cute! I love you Kim!

Ira and Heather said...

I love the tribute to your anniversary. It is beautiful!!! Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

Sheena Menke said...

Super cute post, you are such a darling wife. Happy Anniversary!!! Sheesh, 4 years is a long time, congratulations.

Brittany Owens said...

I can't believe that you acturally know this many people! I guess I am a loser. It was fun to read about you and your hubby. I cannot believe you have been married four years. By the way this is Nat's friend Brittany Bean. Love ya