Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How it all started :)

Well, I thought that I would be able to document our life a little better as a blog instead of a journal since I haven't written in my journal in ....well, we will just say a long time! :) SAD!!!

I guess I will give you a little catch up. Jeff and I met at BYU-Idaho in May of '04 at the Nordic. Jeff claims he ate there everyday but I don't believe him because I ate there nearly every day and don't ever remember him, but apparently I was at "his table". Anyway, he came up to me and said "Do I know you from somewhere?", nice line huh? At the time I was done with boys, so I didn't give him much thought. The next day we saw each other again at the administration building on campus where we both ironically worked. So everyday for the next three weeks he came into my office and asked me when I was going to ask him out, I just told him that I didn't ask boys out. So finally he came into my office and said we are going out Friday at six. I didn't think to much about it, I just figured it was another free dinner. :)

Well, Friday rolled around and Jeff picked me up. We drove to Idaho Falls (with those of you who aren't familiar with with the Rexburg area, Idaho Falls is 30 minutes away from Rexburg and is a "BIG" drive from campus). We went to dinner at Johnny Carino's with Jeff's roommate Logan and his date. While we were at dinner we were all talking about our age and Jeff asked me how old I was, I told him I was 18 and there was silence for probably 20 seconds. It was fine with me because I was still out for a free dinner. He was 24 so he was a little shocked :) After dinner we were headed home and then he remembered that there was a sale at Old Navy. haha so he asked if I would mind if we went (that is the closest mall to campus, it was a rare occasion that you go to Idaho Falls so you need to get everything in). So we ended up at Old Navy where Jeff then tried to buy me a pair of flip flops. That was a bit awkward especially on our first date so I turned him down. (those flip flops from then on were know as the flip flops of commitment, since Jeff thought that it was weird that I turned down a free pair of shoes)

On our drive back to Rexburg we talked and talked. I felt totally comfortable with him and had a surprisingly good time. I talked to him better on the first date than I had with some of my old boyfriends! It was then I knew that he was different... :)

p.s. He did know me from somewhere. We figured out that he was friends with one of my old boyfriends and had seen us together once and made fun of my old boyfriend for dating such a young !!! haha


nat said...

Hey Kim! Cute post. Hey nothing new from the Doctor. Just s fingertip dialated. So he told me if I was still pregnant next week we will schedule an inducement. Anyways talk to you soon. Love Nat

Kingston & Kristi said...

Hey girl.
I love this post! You're awesome. I will try and call you tonight. Sorry about the phone tag.
By the way we have a blog too its at Kingstonandkristi.blogspot.com.

JaNae said...

I think we're all joining the blogworld. Let me know your e-mail address so you can check out my blog.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! Maybe you'll update yours (and post pictures) more than Jeff does! We miss you guys!!!