Wednesday, February 20, 2013


These are just some growth stats for Jackson and Nikki that I have that I want to make sure I have written SOMEWHERE!  Nothing to exciting for anyone but Mom.  :)

  Two Week
     Height: 1'8.5", 31.65%
     Weight: 8 Ib 0.5 oz, 27.52%
     Head: 14.49", 63.09%

  Two Month
     Height: 1'10.75", 21.59%
     Weight: 10 Ib 8.5 oz, 6.11%
     Head: 15.75", 60.7%

  Four Month
     Height: 2'1", 42.71%
     Weight: 12 Ib 5.5 oz, 1.87%
     Head: 16.54", 59.59%

He is low on the weight, but most of my kids have been.  He also had an x-ray for hip displaysia (I was born with it so all my kids have had to get tested).  The doctor called and said his hip was in normal range (24) and his right was at a 28 which was on the higher end of normal.  SO we need to set up an appointment with the orthopedic to see if there is something that needs to be done.

  Two Year
     Height: 2' 8.5", 18.07%
     Weight: 22 Ib, 2.93%
     Head: 17.72", 4.07%

She is still our tiny little peanut.  :)


Nick and Brent said...

I'm with blog is the closest thing I have to recording info about my kids, and I'm such a slacker at it. :) Your kids are so cute, and it's fun to see their personalities in all the pictures. P.S. I've decided you are making my birthday cake, because your cakes always look delicious :)