Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garage Sales!

So about two weeks ago I saw that there was a garage sale close by so I decided to go. I found two arm chairs and they were only $20 for two and I got a huge roll of red microfiber fabric for $5 (I was planning on making pillows and a few other things with that!)! What a steal right? I only saw one of the chairs because the other was downstairs, the one I saw had a box on it and looked in decent condition so I thought why not?! The lady I bought them from said she got them recovered for about $40 a piece so I decided that wasn't to bad and I could live with the fabric for a while until I found something else I liked. Well, when we got them home they were covered in cat hair and they were dirty dirty dirty! Yuck! So after about two hours of cleaning all the hair off and getting them as clean as I possibly could I decided to call and upholstery shop, they gave me an estimate of $500-$600 a chair! haha I about died!!! I think that lady just wanted them out of her house! SO, I decided that I would try to do it myself. I figured if I screwed things up bad enough I was only out $25, $10 per chair plus the fabric I bought. So, here are the before and after pictures...

Not to shabby for my first time, granted it isn't the best but I was happy, and it will do until I really want to shell out some real cash for some nicer chairs! It used most of the red fabric I bought so I need to find some that matches or just do another fabric and put it in a different room. For now though I just want to get the feeling back in my finger tips but I think I just found a new hobby! :) Go garage sales!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy Coloradans

Ok, I really don't think Coloradans is a word but that is ok. As some of you may or may not know I have started delivering newspapers. Nice huh! haha, there was a girl from my ward who had done it and we were at a play group and she was telling us all about it. You make about $800 - $1000 a month...the only downfall is that it is at 2:30 in the morning! haha But it only takes me about 2 1/2 hours to do it, so not to shabby. There is another gal from the ward who decided to do it too so it has been a fun/interesting adventure! (I am sure it will lead to many more interesting posts) Anyway, on to my story.

I was driving to work the other morning and I was stopped at a stop light and I look over at the car next to me and there was this LARGE black man sitting in a big nice orange colored hummer and he is waving and smiling at me, so I wave back and turn back to watch the light. Then I hear a honk and the man is rolling his window down. At this point I am thinking maybe something is wrong with my car, so I roll my window down. He yells over to me, "Hey! I am so and so (I don't remember his name, it was to early in the morning to remember much of anything. We will name him Joe) and I played for the Denver Bronco's for two years, now I play for Kansas City." Oh ok, and he feels the need to tell me this why? So I reply, "cool, go Bronco's." Joe then goes on, "what's your phone number?" haha, this guy is crazy!!! I just rolled out of bed and threw some clothes on, no make-up, hair is a rats nest and he is asking me for my number?! Either he is drunk and desperate or I must be a lot better looking than I think I am! haha so I just replied that, "Sorry, I am HAPPILY married." Joe says again, "come on what is your number?" To which I replied, "I am VERY happily married with a kid." Joe then says, "ya ya so I am." At this point I am just disgusted and I just said, "I am NOT giving you my number!" He then gives me a glare and ran through the red light.

What a bunch of crazy Coloradans! This and the crazy foot man?! I am not going to lie though it did make me feel pretty good. :) I then went to work and told a few fellow co-workers. One I work with asked me if I was going to tell Jeff (her husband is VERY jealous and she definitely wouldn't have told him) of course I was going to tell Jeff! I just told her, "heck yes I am, he is just going to say I still have game!" When I got home and Jeff woke up I told him my story and that is exactly what he said! haha I love Jeff!

SO, with this crazy job it has made me so grateful for all the blessings in my life. Do I NEED this job, not necessarily. It is nice to stock up our savings just in case we don't get our house rented out again. But, I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who provides for me and our family, who is driven to succeed, and who isn't a scumbag who asks for s numbers! Honestly I think this job may be not only to pad our savings account a little more, but for me to remember how blessed we really are and how grateful I am for the gospel in my life and for the good people it lets me associate with where ever we are!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the life...

Here are just a few things that have been going on in our life:

*Morgan does pretty well at saying please, she has done that for a long time now. We have been working on thank you for quite a while and she does it every once in a while. Lately though she has picked up your welcome, we hadn't even started that but now every time she SHOULD say thank you instead she says your is pretty funny.

*We are trying to figure out some sort of discipline for Morgan, I am kind of lost when we really should do this so any advice is welcome. I do remember that my brother and sister in law made their little put her nose on the wall, so we have been doing that but Morgan thinks it is a game and Jeff and I can't stop laughing when she does it, we will have to get a picture. She does do this voluntarily to, sometimes I will walk around the corner to see her nose on the wall! :)

*We were going to go on a cruise at the end of this month with Jeff's siblings and we were so looking forward to it we had everything ready to go and then Jeff and my brother had to fire a guy at work. This guy was going to take over Jeff's responsibilities while he was gone so this combined with a few other work issues we have had to cancel. Are we sad? Yes, are we surprised? No. It seems like the last three trips we have planned have all fallen through or been pretty awful. SO we both came to the conclusion that each of the last three trips we have planned have been with a bigger group. From now on we are only planning trips for ourselves or one other couple. :)

*Baseball season has officially started. :( Happy widow season to all those wives whose husbands are sports freaks! Jeff has been so busy with work though so it actually hasn't been to bad...yet! :) Love you Jeff!

*Monday and Tuesday of this week have been in the 70's! A bunch of the moms in the ward got together on Monday and had a picnic at the park. I got quite the sunburn, but it was so worth it! It has been so nice!!! Today...not so much. It is snowing and we are having a winter storm warning. :( I thought the weather in Idaho was crazy...I think Denver may beat Idaho!

Well, I think that sums it up...I can't think of to much else. Oh, our house in Utah is for sale! :) If any of you want to buy a house or know someone who does let me know!!! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

I STILL have cute feet!

SO, yesterday when Jeff got home from work I ran to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some wings to celebrate the return of The Office. While I was there I was waiting for our wings and some guy that worked there looked at me and said, "your wearing flip flops out in the snow?!" As some of you may know I don't like wearing shoes. Don't get me wrong I LOVE shoes, but I am very picky so unless I find the perfect pair of shoes I will wear my flip flops. (Speaking of which I found my favorite brand of flip flops...I always though I can get a cheap pair at Old Navy, last year Jeff FINALLY convinced me to buy some Teva flip flops and they are the best thing ever!!!) Anyway, on with my story I told him I shoes and I always wear my flip flops. He continued to look at my feet and said, "well you still have cute feet!" haha Ok so any of you that know me VERY well know that I have what I refer to as a "bad foot." My brother so kindly says it looks like the hide on an elephant! As mean as this is, it is true! :( Jeff says everything else it perfect except that foot! haha He claims it is because I never wear shoes, which may be true but is it really worth it? If I could fool a random guy at Buffalo Wild Wings, only my super close friends will know the difference!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Easter Pictures

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it , and apparently so did Morgan. When I tried it on her the first time she just kept fluffing the skirt. She is a typical g i r l. (for some reason my filter won't let me write the word g i r l still so sorry!)
She walked around all morning with her easter basket and wand.
I wasn't sure how she was going to do with finding the eggs but she got the hang of things and started throwing the eggs in the basket...even the real ones. Oh well we had a good time! We were pathetic and went with one of those pre-made baskets this year, it seems like Easter just snuck up on us! The past few years that has been ok, we would just head to Wal-mart the night before and grab whatever kind of candy we wanted...peeps for me and jelly beans for Jeff. :) Happy be-lated Easter!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Soupy Poopy Weekend

How about that for the title? My sister came up with it, nice huh! Well, it was quite an exciting week. Morgan threw up once on Tuesday and was fussy and just wanted to cuddle for two days straight and after that she had 'soupy poop', for all of those with no kids yet this is what you get to look forward to. On more than one occasion this last week I would come around the corner and Morgan was just squatting while poop ran out the top of her diaper! GROSS!!! GROSS!!! GROSS!!! But such are the simple pleasures of being a parent. :) Then on Friday I got the flu and Saturday Jeff got it. SO, for all of those who have complained that I needed a new post you got it, the soupy poop weekend. :)

Besides our wonderful weekend we are all now feeling much better. I think Jeff still wished he was sick because he has had to work late the last two days. Yesterday he went to work at 6:30 a.m. and got home at 11:30 p.m. Tonight it is 7 and he still isn't home. Poor guy. I am just glad I have such a wonderful husband who works so hard to make our life better. How lucky can I be. :) Love you hun!!!